Written by Anonymous

13 Mar 2009

A couple of weeks ago i was sitting in my bedroom casually trawling through some porn on the computer.My wife was downstairs watching t.v when the doorbell rang,it was her sister.The two of them went through to the kitchen and my wife made tea.Meanwhile im upstairs ,bedroom door open,listening to them talking while playing with myself and visuallising different scenarios with my sister-in-law.Over the years,both myself and my sister-in-law have been inadvertently throwing double-entenders back and forth but deep down we both know that a sexual attraction exists but have never acted upon it.Anyway,roughly 15 minutes in i hear her saying that she needs to use the loo,which is at the top of our staircase and right beside my bedroom.So i thought,do i dare?I plucked up some courage and let her come up the stairs and never bothered to close the door.When she got to the top,she got a surprise to see me sitting there and an even bigger shock when she saw me stroking my hard cock.She just froze but continued to stare at my cock.Then she just gave me a cute smile and continued on into the toilet.When she came out i was still wanking so she stood there for about 10 seconds looking,then went down.I listened to hear if she was going to say anything about what she saw,but she didnt.A few days later i got a text from her saying she cannot stop thinking about what she saw and how excited she got,so being the gentleman that i am,i sent her a pic of my cock.To my utter amazement she replied saying "wud luv 2 suck it sumtime".I relied to her saying the next time you are alone in the house,text me.Three days later i got the text so i hopped in the car and flew up to her house (she lives 10 mins away).I got to the door and she answered,not saying a word but dragged me inside ,through me on the stairs and unzipped me.It didnt take long for me to be rock solid so i pulled her t-shirt up over her head and got to see the tits that i have dreamt about cumming all over.She went down on me like there was no tomorrow.She said she wanted to sit on me but i got paranoid and said "next time".There is a large mirror on the opposite wall to where we were and i could see her sucking me off in it,which made me cum real fast.She continued to suck as my cum spewed out all over her mouth.I couldnt believe it,it was amazing.Now i had to see her pussy.I pulled open her trousers and lowered them to the ground .She had no panties on.I just stared .Next thing i know she has her hand at the back of my head and dragged me into her pussy,so i did what came natural and licked her wet pussy.The view of my wifes sister naked,rubbing her own tits and moaning while i pleasure her is really something to behold.She came very quickly and after we kissed.We then spoke of how each of us had fantasized of doing this very thing for years but was always afraid of letting our attraction cause problems ,but now it was all out in the open.We continued to meet and finally we met by car at a well known beach in dublin and had carsex,which completely blew my mind.We sat in the back seat and she sat on my cock .It was like having sex for the very first time..........updates to follow