Written by tingletwoF36M50

22 Nov 2013

We love a good massage, should it be a simple foot or full body we always enjoy the intimate contact and it usually leads to a satisfying bedroom session afterwards.

In China with another couple we decided to go for an after dinner massage in a local spa. Surrounds were luxurious the atmosphere romantic. Opting for a private lounge we found ourselves in a comfortable four bed room. Two male and two female masseurs entered to give us an introductory foot and leg massage. Conversation ceased as we all relaxed to enjoy the attention.

Afterwards, my partner looked flushed but I didn’t to ask why in front of our friends. On the way out she told me she just had an outstanding massage. While working on her thighs the masseur had brushed gently against her pussy, she said it was totally erotic and she couldn’t believe how turned on she got. She was aware of everyone in the room but found herself getting so excited she didn’t care. When she didn’t protest about his ‘accidental’ touching he rubbed more firmly directly stimulating her clitoris through her pants, she said she had to bite her lip to stop herself crying out as she came. It was a real turn on for us both and we couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel. Her juices were flowing, I hadn’t seen her so wet in years. Needless to say we fucked like rabbits and talked about it and other fantasies all night.

Back home we wanted to repeat the performance and maybe take it further fulfilling a threesome fantasy. We found a guy online advertising as a trained masseur offering a free massage so he could build up experience. Seemed good to us so we made contact and invited him to our home. On arrival he seemed quite nice and after checking him out she went and prepared herself for the massage; (naked under a towel). He seemed a little nervous but I assured him was all ok. Taking the oil we provided he slid the towel down and went straight for her boobs, I thought was a bit strange but said nothing. Without pause he took more oil, lowered the towel so far he could see her shaven pussy and began to rub her tummy, at this point my wife gave me a frown he didn’t seem to have any idea about foreplay or even know what he was doing. Not willing to give up on our well planned night I joined them in the hope he would follow my direction. He did and for a while we gave her a four handed massage concentrating on her feet legs and arms. This wasn’t what we expected but at least she was getting a massage that didn’t insult the intelligence. As we massaged her shoulders she caught a whiff of his body odour… oh no! She turned to me and pulled a face. When she got a second whiff, she had to role away from him in disgust. I couldn’t believe he had come to our home without showering! She was having no more of this and I had to ask him to leave. Not only were we disappointed, it shattered our dreams and put my wife off exploring our fantasies any further.

Two years later it was forgotten about. On holiday again we were both naked enjoying a full body massage by two expert male masseurs when her masseur began to discretely tease her nipples and rub her pussy. It had the same effect as the first time, she got really turned on and soaking wet. As her juices flowed he inserted two fingers inside her and vigorously finger fucked her to orgasm. We were side by side and as neither of the masseurs’ spoke English she told me what had happened. I was excited but trying not to get hard in front of my male masseur who seemed oblivious of what was going on. “Why don’t you ask for an extension?” I suggested. “Mine can go and we’ll see what happens?” She asked but he had finished his shift and couldn’t stay. As my masseuse left the room the other guy told my wife if we met him outside he would come to our hotel and continue the massage. Her eyes lit up, she was really excited and seemed ready for anything.” Go for it” I told her.

Back at the hotel I lowered the lights to create the right ambiance. There was no pretence about what was going to happen. We all quickly stripped and jumped on the bed where he began to apply oil all over her sexy body. She looked amazing, nipples erect, skin glistening, her head thrown back in ecstasy as he paid lots of attention to her breasts, not only stimulating them with his hands but taking each nipple in turn into his mouth. It was finally going to happen we were going to have a threesome, my heart pounded and I was rock hard. His eyes widened as he slipped his fingers back into her soaking pussy. Withdrawing his fingers, dripping in her juices, he stared at them as if he couldn’t believe how wet she was. Looking at me he smiled, lifted them to his mouth and tasted her nectar. Oh my god! What a turn on. I couldn’t resist, I slid my hand over her shaven pussy my fingers swimming in her wetness while I teased a nipple with my tongue. He followed suit taking her other nipple in his mouth. This was better than my dreams, everything was perfect, I wanted her to have the best time ever. Her breathing came in short gasps as I alternated between finger fucking and teasing her clit. Catching his eye I looked down, he got the message and took over pleasuring her pulsating pussy while I leaned back to enjoy the eye candy, the image of her thighs rhythmically arching and grinding in pace with his fingers will be with me forever. She reached for my cock, rolled towards him and whispered “I need you inside me.” Taking her leg by the knee I lifted it wide so he would have a good view if my cock entering her from the rear. Shuffling closer I was surprised when he took hold of my cock and guided it in. I didn’t mind. She felt utterly amazing, so hot, so wet, so tight, heaven on earth. As I slid in and out savouring every sensation he teased her clit and leant forward to tease her nipples again. From her nipples he kissed his way up her neck and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Her reaction was instant, she froze. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what. Oblivious, he returned to her nipples then kissed his way over her tummy towards her majesty and licked her clit. She looked at me, stuck her tongue out and wafted her hand in front of her mouth. He had bad breath. I knew that was the end, she has no tolerance for poor hygiene. As he teased her clit she lifted his head up and said no more. I couldn’t believe it? It was going so well. Unfortunately, he had to go too.

Despite the way it ended we look at this as a positive experience. It took us outside of our sexual comfort zone, our married routine. It made us realise we can live out our fantasies and enjoy them to the full. Until the disastrous moment she had felt desirable, wanted, excited while I felt proud to be giving her the erotic present she deserves. It has inspired us to be more adventurous; and that, can only be a good thing.