Written by Anonymous

21 Feb 2009

We wre in Tenerife on holiday, over the course of the week the hotel rep had paid Claire a number of compliments, on the night before our last there was a disco at our appartment block and the rep asked Claire to dance, Claire was 34 slim v attractive brunette with an all over tan except for a tiny v w. e her g string bakini bottoms had covered her modesty. The rep was about 25 good looking lad with an athletic build. Claire was flattered by his advances and had had quite a few bacardi to ease her inhibitions. When Claire returned from the dance floor she told me the rep had been pressinng his hard on against her and she was quite turned on by it. After some persuasion from me she agreed to taking it further. I left the disco and as soon as i had gone Claire joined the rep at the bar, telling him I had gone to meet up with some friends at a club. She invited him back to our appartment which was o studio on the ground floor. I watched from the shadows as she led him by the hand to our room. Thankfully she pulled the net curtains but not the main curtains so with the light on inside I could see everything. He kissed her passionately and grinded himself against Claire, she opened his trousers and took out his hard cock. It was thicker than mine and about 1 inch longer and it looked hard as a poker. Claire looked out to the patio windows where she knew i was watching, she smiled before thking him in her mouth. The sight of my beautiful wife with this young guys stiff cock in her mouth was almost enough to make me come. Claire was careful not to let him come as she obviously wanted his cock inside her. She pushed him onto the bed and stripped him naked, he lay on our bed as he watched her slip out of her little black dress to reveal her beautifil tanned body. the guy then slid her g string off to reveal her well trimmed and by now dripping wet pussy. Claire was careful to keep her stiletto shoes on as she knows how much they turned me on. She took a condom from the bed side cabinet and rolled it over his throbbing cock, she climed on top of him and arched her back as his thick cock slid in to her. She fucked him hard, it was an incredible sight to watch another mans cock slide in and out of my wife, while she acted like a complete slut. he came quite quickly but who could blame him. Claire removed his full condom and again took his cock in her mouth, I thought this was strange as she doesnt normally like the taste of come but she wanted him hard again so that he could finish her off. Within minutes Claire was on her back with the young reps thick cock inside her and she she seeing the expression of pleaseure on her face as she came was mind blowing. Before the guy left he bent claire over the bed and fucked her doggy style before coming for the second time. When he left I bent Claire over in the same way and came as soon as i entered her. The following day Claire was embarased about what she had done and was . ffering from a sore head from the amount of alcohol she had and a sore pussy from the amount of cock she had. I knew the rep would be boasting about his conquest to the other reps and as we were leaving they were giving Claire and I knowing looks, It was a great turn on to witness the act and it wes also fun to know that all of the other guys knew that my wife had been up to. I am keen for a repeat performance but Claire said she did it because she knew she would never see him again. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as i did watching.