Written by sextom

28 Dec 2012

To make ends meet I work as a hackney driver for the christmas holidays. Its a tough shift having to listen to the drunken ramblings of the party revellers at 4am in the morning. but there are definitely some perks to the jobs... Christmas definitley brings out the best in irish girls and I have to admit looking in my mirror a lot more at this time of the year to check out who is in the back seat. My favourite outfit on a girl is high heels and a short skirt, combined with a nice pair of legs this can get me hard pretty much instantly

Friday 21st December 3.30am...collecting my final fare of the night. Its just 1 girl on her own... She is definitely worse for wear after the night and she barely can tell me her address. She sits in to the back of the car.. I check her out in the mirror (to make sure she's not gonna throw up)... she sees me looking and smiles... She is wearing a short silver skirt that is riding high because of the way she is sprawled on the back seat... "Did you have a good night?" I ask..... "Ya it was fun" she replies. I look in the mirror again...she sure is pretty,I guess about 24 with very light brown hair, and lovely legs which go all the ways up....I get a bit self-conscious looking at her, fearing that she will think I am a dirty old man... The next time I look in the mirror I see she has fallen asleep.. she has slumped to the side and now her skirt is riding very high up her thighs... "Damn she has got fine legs".. her feet are now up and I can see the killer heels she is wearing... that was enough for me and I could feel my cock getting hard!

We arrived at her address and she was still asleep. I parked the car and got out and opened the back door and woke her... She got out of the car in a surprisingly lady-like manner considering her condition and paid me my fare... "Whats your name?" she asked me. Tom I said. "Thanks for getting me home Tom" she smiled and walked away... My cock was throbbing looking at her..

Thursday 27th December - I'm off duty so I decide to hit the town.. After a good nights drinking with the boys I go for some food and go home rather than hit the nightclubs... Its about 1.30 in the morning and its about 1 mile to my house so I decide to walk... Im walking down the street when I hear a voice calling me.. "hey Tom"... I look around and a see noone so I continue on... Then I hear a car door open and again a voice calls me.... "hey Tom, its me caroline" I look around and my heart actually starts thumping.. Its the girl I dropped home the other night...."oh hello" I stutter.... " hey thanks for getting me home safe last week".. "Are you walking home?" "Ya I say", she smiles and says well I guess I can return the favour and give you a lift tonight, she replies

I get into her car willingly and am about to tell her where I live when she says " Ive just gotta pick up one of my friends first and Ill drop you off then" She smiles and I say that is perfectly ok. She is not dressed up tonight but still looks hot in a pair of jeans and a pretty top that is hung over her shoulder. We collect her friend who is so drunk she doesnt even realise Im in the car and drop her off at her house. We are quiet close to Carolines house I realise. The night takes a turn for the good when Caroline asks me in for a drink..

We enter her house and she pours 2 glasses of wine.. (now she can't drive I just begin to think)...My thoughts are interuppted when she starts talking .. " thanks again for getting me home safe the other night".. "Just doing my job" I reply. " Does your job include looking up girls skirts" .... I nearly choke on my drink...." Oh god I say, Im so sorry" .. . she laughs... "Its ok, I was drunk and extremly horny so I didnt mind letting you look".... (I could feel my cock bulging).... "I was a little disappoined you didnt take advantage of me".... I wouldn't ever take advantage of girl who was drunk I reply sheepishly (I can feel my face reddening)..... Well im not drunk tonight she replies, but I am still incredibly horny... I can feel my throat drying.... She reaches over and kisses me, pushing herself hard against me...God she is hot...

"2 rules she says" as she pulls away from me.... "rule 1 we play safe", rule 2 you tell no-one about this or I report you to your boss"... I agree readily! she leads me to her bedroom and tells me to undress... I quickly unrobe... "jerk yourself off" she commands... "excuse me" I reply... jerk yourself off, you can look at me to help you...she slowly removes her clothes and I do as she asks and start to stroke my cock.. pull faster, I want to see you cum... she removes all her top half and I pull faster. I can feel my load rising and I stop...keep going or go home home she sneers.... I start again and pull myself frantically until I cant hold any longer and I shoot my load... "good boy" she smiles.... she now removes the rest of her clothes and kneels down on the bed with her ass in the air... "lick me" I rush over to her and part her beautiful pink lips, exposing her clit...my tongue hungrily laps at her clit.. I can feel my balls tightening as they desperatley try to make my cock hard again... her pussy tastes beautiful.. I can hear her starting to breathe heavier... "the 2nd drawer on the left, open it" she pants... I do as Im told and I find an array of toys and lubricants... a pink butt-plug and some lube have been seperated and I pick then out... "good, now lube that up and slowly put it up my ass".... my cock is very much hard again... I lube up the plug and I push it into her beautiful ass... "now put 2 fingers into my pussy and finger-fuck me"... I quickly squirt some lube onto my fingers and I start fucking her with my fingers... I fuck her as fast as I can and she buckles and moans to my rhythm.... "faster" she screams... I somehow manage to quicken my strokes and her moans become louder and then suddenly she leaves out an almost animal scream and collapses onto the bed.....

after about 5 minutes when we have both caught our breath she turns to me and says "mmmm that was good, but imagine what I would have been like the other night when I was drunk".........