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The submissive (part one)

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Published 8 years ago
My phone alarm work me at 7.30 so i turn it off to see that i had a text. "be here one hour" it read. Oh shit and i looked at the time. it was sent at four in the morning. I knew i was in trouble. I text back to say i was sorry but i had been asleep. I knew that would not go down well. You see if i got the call i had to obey. All day i waited for the reply and none coming. My mind was racing was he working, was he cross or had he seen it. Finally in the afternoon i got a reply "b here at 8". Now my mind relaxed. I knew that i had to be in time, i knew what i had to wear and i knew what i had to bring. I went for a shower at 5. Shaved my legs to make sure they were hair free and made sure my pubic hair was trim. I dried myself and applied nail varnish and my makeup. It had to be a certain way, not trashy but obvious. I checked my bag. I had my little black dress. high heals. and collar. I had to be careful i could not forget these. I got dressed. It was ok to dress normal while i traveled there but i was not allowed to wear undergarments. I got in my car and drove. It took me an hour to get there, i pulled into the drive and knocked on the door. there was a process to this. I walked into the sitting room as he sat on the couch and watched. I put down my bag and removed my clothes so he could see i had nothing underneath. I put on my heels and black dress. The dress had an elasticated collar and i had to hang my breasts out side. I then walk in front of him and stood there with my legs spread and hand down by my side. He goes to me "what do you say". I reply "good evening master". Good he said. He continues to look at me. I am standing there breasts hanging out and legs apart. he just looks at me. He stands up and walks around me kisses my neck, smells my hair and walks around me. as he stands behind me he says spread "spread your legs more" I do so and realized i fucked up. After i spread my legs i said "yes master". he sat down again and said "remove your dress". Yes master i replied and did it. I am hoping i am getting back into the good books for saying it too late before. I remove my dress and stand back in-front of him legs spread and hands down by my side. I am very wet by this time. He continues to look at me. He then says to me 2 what have you forgotten" I go blank i think through everything. What was missing. I then realize. FUCK. I reply "i forgot my collar" he says what did you say and i said i forgot my collar. Shit i did it again. I started to babble at this point "Master i forgot my collar" He is not looking happy and i go to my bag and get the collar. while i so this he undresses. I stand back in-front of him legs spread and put my hand out and say "master my collar". He stands up and takes the collar out of my hand and says" what am i going to do with you. you know the rules, i want obedience. Are you sorry" yes master i reply. " you know what happens don't you when you don't do as your told." "Yes master i reply again". As he is saying these things he is walking slowly around me, as he is doing so he is tugging on his shaft. He puts the collar on my neck. next min not expecting it i feel fingers go from behind me into my pussy. "Your dry he says" i know i was my body was going like a yo-oy. one min wet next min dry. He put his fingers to my lips and said lick them and put them back to my pussy.He plays there for a few minutes. My feet are now getting sore and my heels are cutting into me. I try to rest on one foot more. holy shit i got a crack on my arse. "Did i ask you to move? another crack that is for been disobedient, another crack that is for forgetting your collar. You know the rules he said. He went on to say, you know i don't like doing this but i have to teach you. you need to learn. First you get one , then you will get two and so on. You will earn. I am so sore there. he really hurt but i was also so turned on. He said kneel down. I did and he cracked me twice. What did i say he said. Yes master i replied. I was now making stupid mistakes.I am kneeling and the relief on my poor feet. he tells me to suck his dick. I did for some time. he removes him self from my mouth and goes around me and sticks it in my pussy. Driving in an out so hard, this was raw power i could feel him coming up threw me. He pulls out and i feel empty and next if feel him massaging my other hole slowly touching and fingering it. then without any softness i feel him drive his dick right into me. It was a total shock to the system, i am holding as tight to the ground as i am nearly lifted off it with his powerful driving force. Suddenly he pulls out. Stands up and tells me to stand as i should. He turns and walks out of the room. (there is more to this story as it was to last for hours. as i mentioned it started at 8 and it is coming to midnight now) more for another story.
the sub

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