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26 Jun 2015

The Sky man


3 minute read

We recently moved to a new apartment. Its always a pain to reset the broadband, TV and phone so we decided to go all in one and get Sky. Thankfully the place allowed us to put up a dish! I did the online order and put down my girls number coz Im never home in the day time with work. We get a install date for a few days later and as expected I wont be home so S my little slut agrees to stay home to get the work done. S is a super honey girl and we've had threesomes before with drunk friends and strangers.She also goes out and gets fucked by young cocks and tells me all about it. I didn't think shed fuck someone in our own home but she did! Shes 5.7' 60kg slim and tall with nice c cups.The story goes like this... It was one of the warm days last week, so I she was in a short summer dress that has thin straps, no bra and thongs. The guy had come in- a tall builder type guy,handsome. He got to work and set about installing the dish- He had to go to our room to get to the balcony she said her knickers, and lube were by the bedside from the night before and she saw him looking at them. She had been sitting on the couch on her laptop with her legs crossed with plenty of leg on show and she said she loved the attention she got. She had then gone up to him and started talking and bent over to see what he was doing as he was drilling the hole for the cable and gave him an eye full of her tits. He had then got a hard on and that got her really horny. He had then started talking about personal stuff like do you live here alone and all that to which she said no, but my boyfriend wont be home till 6o'clock and winked at him.He had chuckled and got about his work. She then sat down and hitched up the dress even more and let him see her thong. At this stage he had pretty much spent 90% of his time looking at her and 10% working. She had then gone to the room and taken off her thong and come back and gave him a view of her pussy. She let him steal a few look and then looked him in the eye and had said why dont you take a break to look at my pussy or even come and lick it .. then you might get the job done faster. She had taking him my the hand and took him to our room and pulled off her dress. He had started playing with her tits and she pulled off his work wear and sucked him off. they had fucked for about an hour. He had a nice tick 7" cock she tells me. I hear all about it when I get home and I fuck her on the same sheets. WE then set about watching Tv laughing that we should have always got sky.. then a most fucked up thing happened. the on demand and record wasn't working! She had the number on the back of the remote so she called , no answer.. the next day she had called him again and he gladly came back! apparently one of the two cables were not connected to the box.Either way he got to fuck my girl again the next day... Now she has his number and he has hers. Great welcome to the neighborhood. Im hard at work and my girlfriend is getting fucked by her latest fuckbuddy.

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