Written by TITAN79

30 Mar 2009

One night I was at the Girlfriends place, and after having my fill of her watching corrie, east enders and other such mind rot, I said to her, 'feck it come on we 'll go for a drive' She looked at me and said,' It's almost 10pm, where the hell are we going?' (She doesn't Drink and she knows I don't drink and drive)

'Ah sure lets see can we find some devilment' I said,' plus I'm horny as a bull' with a knowing grin she said to me' (my surname) your unreal'...i said, 'yes I know...come on and less of the chit chat'.

So in the car we were like teenagers sneaking of to the woods for a sneaky fumble, she rubbing my cock through my Pants, teasing me and trying to get me wound up even more, she knows how to press my buttons. I slipped My left hand from the gear stick to her Knee and started to slide my hand up along the short skirt she had hastily changed into at the house before we left, filthy bitch knows I like easy access when I'm in the car.....arriving at the well known dogging spot we turned into the wooded car park, a solitary car Parked in the corner, as My car turned the headlights swept across it giving a glimpse of two figures sitting inside.

Parking up, she asked was there anyone in the other car, I turne3d on the roof light and left it that way for a few minutes, making sure the other cars occupants could see there was a woman in the car with me, after a moment I turned it off and slowly let the window down an inch, just so i could hear what was happening outside. We spoke in hushed tones for a few minutes, wondering if there would be anyone arriving to have a look, or if the people in the parked car were up to watch.

The nervousness at this time always gives me a bit of a kick and as she unzipped my cock and let it out, the fresh night air wafted across it making me shudder. She started to slowly massage me, the pre cum already running from the head of my cock from her teasing during the half hour drive here.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the unmistakeable thump of a car door closing, and then a big Jeep turned into the car Park, slowly driving In and parking about 15 feet away from us. we waited to see what would happen, still silence, then the sound of feet on gravel as a pair of footsteps walks towards our car and then turned and walked behind the car and continued down the footpath to the lake which we were parked near, 'ah feck, gay fella's' she said, us both knowing that the place we were in also was a well known cruising area, she was disappointed that the two guys were more interested in each other than us. I told her to be patient, 'we'll see what the guy in the jeep does' after what must have been ten minutes, Jeep guy gets out and walks to the rear of the jeep, opening the back door and facing my car he seemed to just stand there. I turned on the roof light again and momentarily i was blinded to the world outside as my eyes adjusted to the change in light, I switched it off again and after a minute regained some vision of what was going on outside. Jeep Man had come closer and was standing about 2 feet away from my car, with a smile my lady dips her head down and starts to blow me, i drew in a quick breath with the sudden wetness and warmth of her mouth, I let down the window a bit more, looking at Jeep guy who I could now make out was stroking himself i said 'come closer if you like mate' to which he just said meekly' Nah grand here' i looked back down at herself and she was now moaning and slurping as she did what she loves doing, extracting my cum from my balls. I ran my hands through her Hair, Putting on a good show for jeep guy who I could swear was inching ever closer.

I now was in that stage where your Mouth hangs open like a mad eejit and you communicate yer feelings in 'oohhs and awws' she was doing the cute wicked Giggle she does when she Knows she has me right where she wants me. Reaching my hand across her back I slipped her skirt over her ass and started to lewdly finger her ass, she moaned on my cock

' Good slut' i said to her as I slipped my finger in more, which in turn made her suck harder. I glanced at jeep man to see how he was getting on, the fucker was just at the window, his free hand resting on my roof Rail, I looked at him and said' You Like?' he just nodded and looked back at her, i fingered her ass a bit more and said 'hunny why don't you show Our new friend how dirty you really are?' with that she raised her head from My throbbing cock, and smiled at jeep man, she said...'Hmmm what have you got there? Can I see it?' i slid my hand to the window switch and slowly lowered the window, she propped herself up and crawled across me to the window and stuck her head out 'You going to give me a taste hun?' she said, which in turn made my cock jump, hearing the guy groan and her unmistakeable slurping told me she had him where she wanted him, i started to finger fuck her as she was across my knee, with My left hand I ran it across her taut ass, and lightly started to spank her ass, telling her what a slutty Bitch she was, telling her to 'suck the bastards cock, make him cum in that whorish mouth hun' in response she removed his cock from her mouth and started to wank him off slowly and firmly 'oh i am , I want his cum in my mouth...are you going to feed me?' I could now hear the guys groans as she clamped her lips back on the head of the guys cock, I pushed My fingers deeper, her cunt was soaking, juices covering my fingers. The I head the groan, and then a gasp as jeep Man emptied his nut sack into my Girlfriends willing mouth, her unmistakeable moans as she swallowed every drop, I swear I have yet to see her meet a guy who's load she can't contain in her mouth then swallow with relish. My cock by now was almost ready to pop, she was running her fingers along my japs eye as she finished sucking the last of jeep mans spunk from his withering tool.

She looked into his eyes and kissed the head of his cock and said 'thank you'. Then, as quick as he had appeared by our window, he muttered' Jaysus thanks' and bolted to his jeep, and jumped inside, the post orgasm shame obviously dawning on him as he drove off. With a giggle she said 'that was nice' and wrapped her lips around my cock again and sought out her second creamy treat of the night.