27 Aug 2018

kate had met me at the door no bra on just her knickers ,where is john I asked, the thought of a 3 sum racing in my head .

he is down in cork for the week helping his brother painting his new home.we were alone I knew kates breasts were beautiful although always with clothes over them but seeing them bare wow gave me an instant erection and it was instant.

before I got a word out she simply said get undressed and fuck me .and when she said fuck me I knew exactly what she needed and meant.i undressed rapidly she responded with the words very nice ive been dreaming of a man fucking me for yrs.i was puzzled what about john I enquired ?no interest only drink this is my bed his is the other room .

we were like two virgins only with experience .I asked what she would like me to do she confessed everything I knew as john was a man who just mounted kate shot his load and left her at that .just spread the legs wham bam .I knew then kate would melt but I had to be gentle sensual to start .after some kissing and back caressing I moved my tongue to flick and tease her bullet size nipples .sucking each in turn I let my hand run the inside of her legs carefully letting my arm rub across her full bush pussy ,omg she would gasp ,kate was in a place never in before and wasn't I proud to be giving .gently I started stroking the outside lips of her swollen pussy while flicking one finger around her anus .I could feel her juices on my anal finger she was hotter than any woman id known .she never knew she had tingling feeling in her bum before .

kissing down her tummy gliding my tongue around her lips parting her pubes I entered the forgotten gates of heaven .

working my tongue for a few minutes she was gasping I sucked my two fingers and told her there for her she couldn't wait all this was newfor her.slipping my 2 fingers in slow whilel tongueing then increasing speed n pressure she squirted up my arm she thought she peed when she lost control .but when id finished licking it up I assured her it was pure lady cum.the bed was soaked but we didn't care there was a lot more to come and cum it did. rimming her bum she loved it