25 Aug 2018

growing up in a small rural town getting my first paid job in the local shop at 18 .2 married men and one married woman about 30 there to show me the way of shop life .kate was a beautiful looking woman great breasts and poured into her jeans .

coming into work was a joy always hopeing to catch a glimpse of her breasts when she stooped down . always wearing loose tops there was plenty of quick glimpses of what was off the menu. toilet breaks was an excuse for a good wank thinking wildly of her .2 yes of pleasure and then she moves to England .

down through the following years she would come to mind and my cock would need to be stroked .30 yrs later at the local festival my heart thumped as I saw her again still as beautiful as ever .she knew I was married from her old friends in the area. .they had just moved back home for good so we organised to meet up over the weekend in the pub .

kate showed up alone and boy did she turn heads looking half her age .it was so hard to stop looking down at her assets .she confided the hubby was having drink problems but they were comfortably off having both worked and saved hard .the nite flew and her taxi arrived we exchanged numbers if only she knew the sexual attraction I had for her wow .

a few weeks later I spotted her in town a tight white top on her amazing breasts pushing out her top to streatching point .I couldn't get her out of my mind so I rang her asked if she could talk .he was out so I just told her I had the hots for her since our work days and I had very sensual thoughts of us doing it .she nearly chocked and said she wasn't that type of woman as she was also married .she asked was I not getting enough at home .I told her it stopped 10 yrs ago because of my wifes illness .she said she was sorry and that we would remain friends and it was a call that would be kept secret .I thanked her for her understanding and apologised.she replied don't be daft your fine .time passed we would bump into each other but never spoke of the call ..then out of the blue the unbelievable happened one evening late,kate rang and asked could I call to the house there was nothing wrong just call .I be there in 15 min it was down a private country lane..when I got there the lights were on I knocked at door and kate opened it to a sight firmly etched into my horney brain .nothing but her panties on .taking my hand she led me straight to the bed room .she had a few drinks to get the courage to ring ..this is all true life will I continue