Written by The Vouyer

28 Sep 2013

I finished work before my sexy wife yesterday and so went shopping for dinner. I was in the the supermarket when I spotted a woman in the frozen food isle standing by a shopping trolly. She was tall, had long blond curly hair, piercing green eyes and big succulent lips. She was wearing a browm ruffled, above the knee dress, laced at the top. Her beautiful perky tits protruded through the lace of the dress. The shape of her rounded firm ass was outlined perfectly and her long tanned legs seemed to reach all the way to the sky. Her high heels gave her an added dimension of sex appeal. I watched her as she shopped, wanting to see more of her body. She continuously looked around and walked with a in a way that told me that she liked to be watched, she was a sexy babe and she knew it! I watched as she reached into one of the freezers. She bent over the freezer, reached in, took hold of some ice cream and as she did, she looked up. We made eye contact for the first time. She held her position over the freezer long enough for me to gaze at her delicious eye candy. Her tits were inviting, her cleavage so dark and revealing. As she rose from the freezer, her nipples hard and erect, she smiled at me and moved on. I watched her sexy swagger as she walked, she walked to my isle. I waited, wanting to see more. As she passed me, she gently rubbed her body off mine. Her aroma so sweet, I wondered if anyone had noticed. She stopped to pick something from a low shelf. She bent over and as she did, her dress rode up, revealing so much of her long, lovely, smooth legs. She looked back at me, and must have noticed that my cock was erect in my jeans. She payed for her groceries and went to her car. She open the boot of her car knowing that I was still watching from behind. She reached in with her shopping and as she did, she lifted her dress up far enough for me to see her tight ass. She was not wearing any panties. She put her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. She opened her legs a little and began playing with her pussy. I walked toward her as if to help her with the shopping, some bags of which were still in the trolly. As I stood by her, with her other hand, she took out her tits, her nipples still erect and showed me her beautiful melons. She spoke softly to me, telling me that I could not touch her, only watch. I wanted her body so badly. Slowly, she she put her tits away, took her fingers from her pussy, put them to by face and gently kissed me on the cheek. She lowered her dress and returned the empty trolly to the bay. I wondered what next. She climbed into her car and lowered the window. She told me that she enjoyed my attention, smiled and drove away. I went to pick my wife up from work, still horned up and frisky. When we got home, I told my sexy wife what had happened. It really turned her on. We are going shopping this afternoon. She plans to wear a low cut top, a mini skirt and high heels, so who knows what will happen?