Written by Timeoutfun

11 Mar 2014

Let me refresh your memory. When we left the story two married couples were beginning to have married people fun on a couch... But arms reach from each other. The suggestion to take advantage of the pole in the room by the females slowed the action.

Both a little shy, the girls took to the stage and one at a time, did a little solo number on the pole. Needless to say their second attempts were better, raunchier and more entertaining. A little embarrassed, they returned to their men. However, the younger couple proceeded to go back to the pole to have their own fun. In view of the room they danced, laughed and teased each other a little while the room enjoyed the show. A few mins in, they stopped, left the stage and encouraged the second couple up. Up the second couple went a little shyly but soon found they could naturally play and dance and get aroused very easily by the naughtiness of spinning around the pole. The music was pumping and the mood was hot! Not really conscious of who was watching, the couple were a little surprised to soon find the first couple joining them on stage.

Everyone wondering what to do next, the girls reached for the pole while the boys stood back.

That didn't last long! After two spins of the pole the girls found they were closer to the pole than they were seconds before. And when they looked over each others shoulders, they were face to face with their husbands, meaning the male company behind each of them was the other girls husband...

There was a still few moments with the music pumping and the atmosphere becoming raunchy/naughty/sexy/hot!

All comfortable in the naughtiness of the situation, the hands began to wander! Omg, who's hands were where who could tell? All I know was both my breasts and my pussy were getting lots of attention at the same time. I felt I should return the pleasure so i obliged by squeezing the other lady's breast. Feeling a little guilty i reached to my husbands cock so that he might also enjoy the pleasure I was feeling. I needn't have bothered. There was a hand taking care of him in much the same way I was being attended to. I left him to enjoy it and felt I should return the favour to my comrade. I reached behind me and started to play with the other males cock. He let me do just that for a few minutes. Then being comfortable in the boldness of the situation he took my hand and immersed it deep into the boxers he was wearing. My husband watched him do it and being so turned on by the move, slipped his hand into the other females panties. It was so slutty and pleasurable my body was wet and throbbing. It was a little overwhelming though and out of control. We also had quite an audience. I wasn't sure what was happen... We're we all going to have sex there and then? Did I want that? Did the others? I took a breathe... Took one step aside... And although it was unadulterated pleasure of the purest kind, in an effort to slow things to a manageable pace I suggested we get a room...