Written by allecram

19 Apr 2013

Went to the office to meet the man....my fuck buddy

He txt me to come as had a raging hard on that needed relieved

I also was getting wet knowing I was going to be fucked so went to the ladies to freshen up

I couldnt resist stroking my hotspot thinking about the hard cock that would soon be riding me. I slipped my knickers of in preparation wearing my work skirt and stockings.... in case he would call me

Got into the car to go to the office rubbing my clit on the way . He opened the door didnt say hello, pinned me against the wall putting his mouth on mine, kissing me hard he was rough groping and fondling my body

I could see and felt the huge bulge in his trousers I wanted it inside me

His hands went up my skirt fondling my ass and slipped his fingers onto my wet hotspot telling him I fingered myselt before I came

He got harder and rougher taking me to the desk I didnt have a chance to touch his big throbbing cock as he pulled me to his desk

Bent me over his desk quickly puling my skirt up and fucked into my wet pussy so hard fucking me fast loving the big hard cock inside me he pulls my head back by my hair

Loving the rough fast fuck he slides his thumb into my mouth as always to quieten me because of the other offices. I love it in my mouth thinkink Im sucking cock

He tease me by sliding his only in the tip of my pussy while I moan wanting the rest inside me>

I have to beg pushing my ass against to get more and he rides into me so hard til he cums leaving me with cum........