Written by Samantha

22 Jul 2020

There is two reasons i'm telling this story, the first reason is. I've no one to talk too and I need to share it before I go mad. You'll find out the second at the end. Myself and my husband have been together 8years I'm 29. We live in a private housing estate in kildare. We both need to work to pay for the mortgage. 2 years ago the house next door was rented out to a young couple from dublin. We'll call them Jack and Jill. Jack was a real life del boy, always wheeling and dealing from the boot of his car. Jill was gorgeous looking with a nice figure and fake boobs but then she'd open her mouth and the wheels would come off . They didn't bother us really except for when my husband was out cutting the grass, of course Jill would appear in her PJs braless and make childish conversation. Skip forward a year. I'm away in galway on a hen party. I get back on the monday and my husband is already in work. I just about have the front door closed when Jack hits the doorbell, he asked can he come in and have a word, he looks panicked. He then tells me that my husband fucked his partner on Saturday nite at the back of the local pub he also says he seen a text message on Jill's phone from my husband. Now Jack is extremely convincing but when I talk to my husband he is extremely convincing as well. My husband said he was out all day and never even seen Jill and that Jack was clearly mad. So I decide to confront Jill and she tells that Jack is extremely paranoid and it didn't happen and the she said ''I was only talking to your husband for a minute'' but my husband said he never seen her. She was lying and so was he. I couldn't get the image of my husbands penis being inside that dirty slut. I'd never let him near me again. After a week of fighting my husband left for his mother's and I hit the vodka. When you know your right about something but nobody will admit to it, that can drive you crazy. So on at least 3 occasions I approached Jill looking for confirmation but she continued to deny it telling me that Jack and I were crazy. On the 3rd occasion I got drunk and knocked into her house at midnight she just opened the door and shouted at me '' yea I fucked your husband'' and she slammed the door. So it was all good, I was right but now I wanted to know how they did it. Did she just drop her knickers in the car park and bend over. Did they do anal or did she give him a blowjob. So drunk again with my head spinning I knocked in again but Jack answered and said Jill was staying in her mother's so Jack invited me in and we talked about my husband and Jill Jill, I remember Jack kissing me and flashes of him being on top of me but thats as much as I can remember for that nite but everything is Crystal the next morning. I opened my eyes to see Jill's picture on the bedside locker. Jack walked into the room with two cups of coffee stark naked. I grabbed a sheet and covered myself up and made my way to the bathroom. I was shaking what did I do but then I thought of that slut Jill and her picture staring at me. I decided then I would give Jack the best sex ever with Jill watching. I couldn't match her looks but I had the better and more natural body. Great sex for a man is usually about a women being confident being naked and taking control. So I dropped the sheet and opened the bathroom door, first thing I seen was Jill's photo,Enjoy the show, I walked towards the bed and pulled the covers off Jack, I then grabbed my hair and started to tie it up with my two hands. I took my time as Jack was just staring at every inch of my body but I was looking at his penis, I could see it starting grow. I grabbed Jack's penis and started to suck him off really slow. This blow job can take awhile but its a winner, keep a nice slow rhythm then stop and go again for a bit longer and stop and go again never changing the pace while trying to keep your tits visible and your arse in the air only problem was I was at this an hour and he still hadn't cum. Women always need a man to cum if he doesn't we wonder why, is it our bodies our we unattractive. So I jump on top of him again arms in the air so he can see my boobs bouncing up and down and I lift my pussy high enough for him to see his penis going in and out. Still no cum. So I whisper in his ear ''what would you like'' he pushes my head down to his balls and lifts them up, he then lifts his two legs in the air exposing his hairy arse ''lick it'' he says. He put his hand at the back of my head and pushed my mouth up against his rim, I started to lick it and grabbed his penis and started masturbate him. I was at this 20mins and my neck was pounding and it was clear he was trying to force my tongue up his ass everytime I was at his exit point he pulled my head into his arse hoping I would keep my tongue erect. Well I wanted him to cum and this might be the only way. I done the full circle of his arse rim and locked my tongue as I got to the exit point without fail he forced the back of my head into his arse my tongue slid straight up his arse , he grabbed my head with both hands and started force my tongue in and out while I was pulling on his penis he started to shout ''yes don't stop don't fuckin stop'' my head neck and tongue where in bits then he shouted ''keep it straight'' my tongue that is a he slammed my tongue back up his arse and held it there, I could barely breath but I kept my tongue locked and continued to pull his penis then he started to roar as the cum came barreling up his penis I think the first bit of cum shot over his shoulder the rest shot up around his chest and neck. He only let go of my head when the final drip of cum left his body. Then he pulled my head up and stuck his in penis in my mouth '' suck it clean '' so I did then I got my knickers and wiped the cum off his chest. He got up to use the bathroom and I stuffed my knickers in Jill's bedside locker. After that Jack would knock into me for a bag of sugar or tea bags and try and get his way but I wouldn't, so he rang my husband and told him he slept with me. I have a birthmark on the inside cheek of my arse, the only way you would know I had this mark would be if you where giving me a colonoscopy or giving it to me doggy style. So my husband knows I fucked Jack. And he rang me to tell me we where finished then Jill knocked in to me and explained that she never went near my husband and only admitted it out of temper because I wouldn't leave her alone she also explained that my husband was so drunk that he probably doesn't remember speaking to her. She then tells me that Jack and her have had to leave at least 2 other rented properties over Jack's paranoia and he even excused a gay postman of having an affair with her. My stomach sank, she then pulled out my knickers from her handbag and left. They left the property a week later. Me and husband have been talking a lot lately and he wants to meet and try talk through everything that has happened. He wants to know every detail of my encounter with Jack as Jack messaged him with all the details so he wants my side. I'm petrified, he's giving me a list, how big was Jack's cock, did I put it in my mouth, what positions did we do. Did he lick me out. I actually can't remember the nighttime sex really. My husband says he can only try and get passed this if I am completely honest. I know he really wants to know if Jack's penis is bigger and did it satisfy me more than his does, Should I tell him everything. Would it make a big difference to your husband or partner if he finds out that his penis isn't as big as someone who slept with his wife. I know I enjoyed the sex more with my husband but Jack's penis was much bigger. Should I be honest.