Written by joann09

28 Dec 2009

After i had left the train in the station, promising the two women i would meet them later, i went to a local bar and had one pint, i phoned my wife and told her i was on my way home, i told her i was horny and asked her if she would be ready for a fuck when i came home, when i arrived at the house my wife was ready for me, she knew how to excite me, she would wear a very short skirt without knickers, then she would tease me until i threw her on the couch and fucked her, we had a really open relationship, if she met a man while she was horny, i had no objection to her taking a cock, we were always honest with each other, if i got a fuck i would tell her about it, and she would tell me anytime she got a cock up her, she teased me in her usual way, she would walk around pretending to be cleaning the house, then she would bend down and give me a look at her lovely shaved cunt, after fucking the two women on the train i was really horny, i didn't go through our usual ritual, i grabbed hold of her and threw her on the couch, i pulled her skirt up around her hips and took my cock out, she looked at it and said, 'you're really horny today for some reason, i put my cock up her and started fucking her slowly, burying my cock really deep into her lovely wet cunt, i told her about meeting the mother and daughter on the train, she lifted her hips up to me and said, 'tell me what you did to them, i told her what i had done on the train to the two women, she got so horny listening to my story that she creamed my cock three times, this was what made men love fucking my wife, when she started creaming her cunt she would really cream it, and she would go wild on the cock that was fucking her, i spunked up her twice, and we lay on the couch discussing the two women, she asked me if there was a chance of her getting to watch me fucking them, we organised for her to go to a pub near the one the two women were going to, i would meet up with the two of them and mention how horny my wife was, and try to get them to let her join us, we fell asleep on the couch for two hours then we got up and had a shower, we set off in my wifes car for the two pubs, i went into the first pub with my wife and bought her and myself a drink, we sat down in a corner and talked for a while, when i went up for a second drink i spoke to the landlord of the pub for a few minutes, when i took the drink back down to my wife she said, 'don't look now, but there's a blok over at the bar trying to get a look up my skirt, i knew he didn't have to try too hard the way my wife was dressed, she was wearing a very short skirt, which showed her thighs, i knew he must be getting an eyeful, we were used to this happening as my wife would often dress this way when she wanted to attract cock, i said i had better be making a move to go and see if the women were next door in the other pub, my wife said, 'if you don't see the car parked outside when you come out, wait for me, ill only be gone for a quick fuck if the guy at the bar tries his case, i got up and left, when i went in to the other pub i saw my two women sitting with a young lad, he was about twenty five, fairly good looking and i saw the bulge in his jeans, the girls called me over and introduced me to the daughters boyfriend, 'that fucks me for a fuck off the daughter i thought, but i was pleasantly surprised when the mother said, 'now we have enough people to have an orgy, 'I'm on said the boyfriend, and so are we said the two girls, i wanted to get my wife in on the act so i said, 'it's a pity my wife isn't here, she'd love to take part in an orgy, 'where is she asked mother, she's down the street having a drink with her friend i said, 'do you want to go and ask her if she wants to join us said daughter, 'would you mind i asked mother, 'the more the merrier said mother, i got up and told them i would be back shortly, i walked out to the other pub to find my wife talking to the guy that was at the bar, when she saw me she excused herself from the bloke and came to meet me half way down the bar, 'fuck you she said, i just had him on a massive horn, and we were just making arrangements for him to follow me out to the car to go for a fuck, 'i have a better proposition for you i said, 'what is it she asked, 'the two woman want to meet you, and there is a young guy with them who seems to have a huge cock, 'hold on a minute until i make arrangements with this guy for another night she said, i went back out and waited outside the door for her, when she came out she said, 'i hope this young guy is as well built as the one I've just given up, we walked into the other pub and i introduced my wife to the two women and the boyfriend, i saw the mother eying my wifes legs and wondered if she was into women, my question was answered when i went to the bar to buy a drink, my wife sat down opposite daughter and boyfriend, the mother followed me up to the bar, instead of asking me about the drink she said, 'is you're wife into pussy, 'yes i said, she likes to get a good sucking, 'lovely said mother, she'll get plenty of it tonight, i called a drink for the company and took it down, i saw boyfriend looking up my wifes skirt and wondered why he wasn't trying to get his own girlfriend on her back, we had a few drinks and decided to go back to our house, we called into the 'Off Licence to get a few drinks, when we got back to our house we decided to play a game of strip poker,WILL CONTINUE SHORTLY.