28 Feb 2018

So what i type below is fact and it is about my first ever swinging encounter.

I got chatting to a couple in the chat room for several weeks and we got on fairly well, i would cam the odd time with the F of the couple and speak about what our likes and dislikes were. Then eventually i asked would they like to meet for a "coffee". Both M and F agreed and we swapped mobile numbers. A time and date was set, 5pm on a Wednesday at their house, an odd time i felt but the F was absolutely stunning, petit body, breasts to die for and an overall gem of a woman with a sexual appetite any man would love.

I text to say im on the way and the F texts back to say her husband cannot make it but come along anyway. I park up and i am as horny as fuck, i begin to imagine me stripping her and kissing every inch of her body, my cock is as hard as it ever was. I knock at the door, She answers and is wearing a tracksuit but still looks stunning. She directs me to the kitchen, she clicks the kettle and asks how i like my coffee.

We sit and chat for 2 hours and have an amazing open conversation, nothing more.

This was a valuable lesson for me and should be for every single male on this site, you should never expect to get all out sex just because youve chatted to people in a chat room and you get on. Human interaction plays a huge part.

I did meet up again with said couple and will post that story at a later date.