Written by thestimulator69

8 Aug 2013

It was sunday last ,, I had been talking to a woman off of s4i for months but distance anf work had kept is apart ,, plenty of sexting and phone play but sure nothing like the real thing ,, anyway I had told her about my fantasy of getting a lift from a woman and fucking her silly ,, she liked the idea so as it happened I was on the N72 and my friend was traveling toward me in her camper van and you guessed it she picked me up well we didn't make lismore and we pulled in and she offered me a cup of tea ,, so we moved into the back of the camper and she went to put the gas on when she came back I said shall we work up a thirst first ??? What do you suggest she said ,, I pulled her toward me and kissed her my tongue probing deep into her mouth and my hand went straight to her pussy and rubbed it thru her panties ,, before we went any further she said lets pull the blinds !! Which we did ,, once pulled I pulled her dress over her head she pulleed my shirt off next went my shorts and underpants my cock was rock hard and in her hand I had her bra off in a jiffy and my hand inside her panties she was wet ,, I laid back on the bed and she started to suck my cock ,, it was so good she knew what she was doing alright soon I was pushing my hips up and before long I was fucking her mouth like there was no tomorrow ,, and then boom I shot my load into the back of her throat it was fantastic ,, then she got the refreshments out and we sat talking and touching for a while ,, I said ya know if you suck my cock again it will be hard in no time so round 2 began she got me hard produced a condom and straddled me and rode me like a champion rodeo cowboy until she came !!! The she got up to move a chair and as she bent over I seized yhe moment and ducked her hard and fast from behind until she had another orgasm ,, the sweat was pouring from me and I collapsed onto the bed ,, she pulled the rubber off and sucked my cock again and sure after a while I put another load down her throat ,, while she was sucking I had a vibrater deep in her cunt pushing it in and out and she came again we both lay there on yhe bed not a sound both of us languishing in the satisfaction of our lust she was a real minx and a fantastic partner I just hope she enjoyed it as much as I did ,, we went our separate ways and I ghanked her for the lift !!!!