1 Jun 2016

This start out as a dogging threesome, we arranged to have this meet up with this fella and his wife about our own age , down at there house in the ballymeana area , we thought it was only going to be a get to know you better sort of meeting. That was until simon as we will call him opened the front door, with leather bra,panti,s and a dog collar around his neck plus a sash. I don't have to tell u what sort of sach but that's nothing to do with what went on..we enter the house , lilly was in full control off the game , she had him on his knees liking two cunts and my cock in a matter of minutes. Then the strap-on dildos came out fuck did he love that, had a wee go my self at the end. But I think we where just there for his little party, even tho my wife and simon,s lilly as we called her really had a good time sucking pussy and cock.....it was all about

simon can't say I blame him. But it was a very good spunk full load of cum day that we all enjoyed...till the next time..Jim & liz