22 Mar 2016

Ok so i've decided to share this story cause it's a good one and cause its completely true, even though it sounds a little far fetched.

Ok so to start, I am the owner/manager of my own business, the other parties in this story work with me.

So when i first met GD1 for an interview i knew we were going to get on well and i mean on a personal and professional level. She is a very cute 30+ lady with a child and a completely lazy spanner of a boyfriend (opinion i made the first time i met him). She has a great body and we really work well together. So over the space of a few months our banter at work had kind of turned to mild flirting and teasing. I could see something was going to happen. One night at a staff outing it did. I was driving and had agreed to drop 4 of the staff home as i was not drinking. One thing lead to another and i ended up with GD1 in the car on her own. We were chatting and messing and suddenly she dropped the hand. I let her know that i didnt have a problem with that and within a few minutes she was sucking my cock. We drove to our place of work, opened up and fucked in every corner of the office. It was amazing and she is an awful lot kinkier than i thought she would be.

The following monday morning i'm looking forward to chatting with her and seeing how she feels about what happen, when she knocks on the office door, walks in and sits at the far side on my desk. I ask her if she is ok and she tells me she isn't wearing any underwear and that i'll be working late that evening. She sends me a text an hour or so later explaining that she wants us to fuck sober so she can be sure she enjoyed it. That evening we spend 2 hours fucking in the office. So this goes on for a few weeks and all is good. We are having good fun and enjoying it, we even opened an account on here!!!

So then comes GD2, 20+, 2 kids, working boyfriend who is away a lot and a very flirty touchy girl . Now this lady was 90% hired cause she is FUUUUUCKEN FIT and 10% cauce she is well able for the job. I interviewed her which went well and then ask GD1 to meet with her as she would be working with her the most. After they met GD1 came to my office and almost insisted I hire her. GD1 said that GD2 was the very best of all the people we had met and would fit in perfectly with the rest of the staff and "infairness she is very easy on the eye which the customers will like"!!! GD1's words not mine.

So a few weeks pass, GD1 and i are still fucking like bunnies any chance we get and GD2 is fitting in perfectly with everyone. And then it starts, the flirting i'm doing with GD1 is spreading to GD2 and she is almost getting involved in our flirting sessions full scale. GD1 asks me at lunch one day if i would fuck GD2 if i wasnt fucking her? I pause and before telling her that i couldn't answer that question she just says "well that's a yes". I try move the conversation on but she keeps going back to it till i say "yes if i wasn't fucking you i would be interested but thats not going to happen"!! and thats the end i hear of that for a while. The next night we are all out i see the two girls chatting to each other late in the evening with a few drinks onboard and they are laughing and whispering a fair bit with each other. Now on this night i'm was having a few beers but i wasn't staying around with the staff for the evening as i had a prior night out planned with a few buddies. I said bye to them all and told the GD1 to look after the rest of them with a smile!! About 2 hours later i get a text from GD2 and all it said was "i know". So i think she's text me by mistake so i reply with something like" your drunk and texting the wrong person". A text conversation continues for the next hour in which she tells me GD1 told her we were fucking and she wanted to fuck me also. I text GD1 who told me they were sitting with each other at the time and she had told GD2 nothing. As it turns out GD2 was chancing her arm and it worked. Later that night i fucked GD2 in the office with GD1's permission (not that i needed it according to GD1). This then started a bit of a fucking session for a few weeks between me and GD1 and between me and GD2.

To cut a long story short GD1, GD2 and I had a couple of 3 somes in the weeks that followed and my god were they good sessions. I firmly believe that the girls had planed this for longer than i knew. One day at work GD2 let it slip that the two of them had met alone one evening in GD2's house when her partner was away and that GD1 had stayed over!!!!

There's more!!