Written by Generous man

3 Sep 2017

So this happened a while back.We tend to dip in and out of the scene when the feeling takes us.We love a good mmf..but this meet was slightly different.

We got chatting to a German business man who joined this site who was over for a short period of time .Deciding to meet and see where it went.I was well up for sharing the wife and pleasing her over and over.So excitedly we went and met in a bar near his rented apartment.We arrived first and waited for our" prey" so to speak.After a short while in walked this tall broad handsome guy..i knew the misses wanted him the minute he joined us.The flirting between the wife and The German (Will call him that for the purpose if this story)Was outrageous.I had never seen her so wanting and looking at him like he could just have her right there in the pub.After barely 30 minutes the misses turned and said she wanted him and could we go somewhere.The German hearing this suggested we go to his appartment. Once there my self and our chosen playmate started to undress my wife. She is busty blond great ass and tits.Loves to be fucked hard.

Just as I started to reach for my wife's pussy she pushed me away,told me to sit back...i was shocked and sat on a chair as this guy started to finger my wife's pussy making her moan...panth and grab at him uncontrollably .She wanted him badly.He stood up and took his cock out ,huge thick and long.He indicated for her to suck him...she did as he wanted.I sat in shock as I was not going to take part.She engulfed this large cock licking his balls..pleasuring him as he wanted.He pulled her up and took her to the bedroom.Lifted her dress and bent her over ,my heart was pounding. It was jumping out of my chest.Id seen my wife fucked before but not by a cock this big,not by a guy so dominant not by a guy she couldn't wait to have.Then it happened,he pushed his large thick cock into her.She moaned grabbing the bed and letting him have her.He started to fuck her slowly building up speed ...until he was riding her hard making her moan ever so loudly.I stood at the end of the bed like a spare part..stroking my cock in shock at how she was enjoying him fucking her.Her moans got louder and louder as he gave her everything he had.Then suddenly she asks him to stop,takes him back to the chair and tells him to sit.She almost orders me to sit opposit them..then down on her knees infront of him she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks and licks it increasing her tempo.Im sat watching this guy face on as he fucks my wife's mouth...his eys roll he moans grabs my wife's head and holds it down as he unloaded his hot cum into her.After a few seconds she comes up...a drop of his cum just running down her chin..she wipes it with a smile and says to me to let's go...i didn't even get to cum.

But boy was it hot.