Written by Anonymous

26 Feb 2009

I remember staying over at her house,She was single and a friend of a friend.

Id been out having a few drinks but was still fairly sober.

I thought she was beautiful, she had sexy eyes and they would turn me on when she looked at me,

She had luscious lips that I wanted to kiss and taste.

I wanted to run my hands all over her body and fuck her brains out.

I didn't think I stood a chance with her,

We were having a chat, I loved to listen to her, she was so very funny, smart, intelligent loving and kind, Brains as well as beauty.

I slept in the spare room, where I lay thinking about her,

five minutes later she entered the room , leaped into the bed beside me and started to kiss me passionately,

I wanted to eat her, she tasted so good.

By now my cock was so rock hard it hurt and was throbbing.

I gently kissed her neck , she tilted her head back as i nibbled on her neck and ran my fingers down her back, I took off her tshirt.

Slowly I moved my tongue down towards her soft breasts, I licked and sucked her big erect nipples,

She moaned with pleasure,

I gently kissed her belly button, moving down to her thighs, licking all around her vagina, teasing her wet little pussy.

Flicking her clit with my tongue,

flicking in and out of her love hole, she was moaning with pleasure and ready for my explosive cock,

I parted her legs and lay on top of her,

I slid my shaft slowly into her warm moist pussy, I nearly shot all my love juices as I entered her, we were a perfect fit.

By now she was very excited and wanting more as I thrust deeper and deeper inside her, my balls swinging and banging off her ass,

Her legs were wrapped around me as she moved her hips in rhythm to mine, milking my cock with her tight wet pussy.

I was trying to distract my thoughts as I was about to cum and didn't want to make a show of myself,

I picked her up and lifting her up and down the length of my shaft I could tell she was gagging for it, she loved the feel of my throbbing member inside her pussy.

I flipped her over and started to pound her doggy style, harder and faster, each thrust deeper than the last,

She was moaning with pure pleasure, my man handling methods, were really turning her on.

I turned her around and lay her on her back, Oh god I wanted to cum inside her NOW!

I slid my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her hard, she wrapped her legs around my back one hand around my neck, the other on my ass and pulled me deeper into her pussy which was sucking me into her.

I was going to explode, I couldn't hold back any longer, she was so excited she couldn't hold back either,

we fucked each other until we both came in a river of ecstasy pleasure and orgasms, WOW!

It was the best loving I ever had and words cant really do it justice.

I will never forget that night.

The End