Written by Horny Couple

18 Nov 2016

Myself and Mrs are completely new to the scene and have tried nothing so far as we have been waiting for the right moment/people.

So while we were on holiday recently, we were having a couple of drinks at the bar and I (Mr) started getting some naughty ideas into my head. After a few drinks I dared mrs to start grabbing guys by the balls and giving their cock a quick rub as she walked by them in the bar. Mrs was apprehensive at first but warmed to the idea and as she walked in front of me through the crowded area I was so happy to see her stretch her arm out and start grabbing guys hard by the balls.

That lit the fire for the night and after that I just wanted to see more so while we were around the main dance area I asked her to go up on the podium with all the other people that were up there and start girating with other guys and rub their cocks as they danced up close. Sure enough as soon as mrs got up on the podium, one guy came straight over, talking in her ear and dancing with her. Mrs looked at me for approval and I just nodded. From then on she just started dancing dirty rubbing her hot tight ass up against his cock and putting her hands behind her to feel his balls and cock.

After that was done we took a stroll and I dared her to do one more thing - which was to walk about with just her thong on. It was a beachy resort so it wouldn't have looked so out of place but it was still such a hot thought. To my disbelief she agreed immediately. She quickly pulled down her denim shorts and strolled about the beach with her sweet ass in full view with her small pink thong barely visible through her ass cheeks. It was such a thrill watching everyone's heads turn at this hot little slut strutting about with such confidence.

After this I had to Fuck her hard which I did in close proximity and I blew my load in her mouth while watching her swallow every drop.

This may not seem like much but it's a start - who knows what's next!!!!!