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5andra 8 years ago

The Fetish

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before i continue my story, i wold like to inform the readers that this did actually happen, and is still happening, my boyriends father calls to my flat at least twice a week, and we have the most amazing sex i ever had, To continue, i left my boyfriends house before anyone came home, girls will know what i'm talking about when i say, i walked down the footpath with spunk running down the inside of my thighs, i got into my car and started to drive across town, i couldnt get the thought of the mans cock out of my head, and how fit he was for his age, every girl i know has a few toys at home, and i am no different, the minute i got in my door i stripped and got one out, i sat on my two seater couch and gave myself a good fucking with my vibe, thinking of the man, what would he be like in bed i wondered, i gave myself two lovely cums and then went for a shower, i gave myself another one with the jet of the shower head, then i went to bed, i tried for another one but fell asleep trying, the next day all i could think of was the mans cock, the day seemed to drag until finally i got home from work, i had a shower and dressed in a short skirt, no knickers of course, but i knew he liked them so i put a black pair on a small clothes horse i had in the corner for drying clothes, i waited for him to call but there was no sign of him, the fucking bastard i thought, he used me, i stayed in all night but it looked like he wasnt calling, it came to eleven o clock and i gave up on him, just as i was getting out of my clothes to get into my pyjamas there was a knock on my door, when i went to answer it i saw him standing there, he had four cans of lager held by the plastic rings around them, fancy a drink said the cheeky cunt, i dont mind i said, as he said this he held the cans up, and at the same time he put his other hand down and grabbed his cock through his trousers, which one do you want he asked, the bastard was asking me did i want to drink lager or spunk, come in and ill decide i told him, i only just had my back turned to walk away in front of him when i felt his hands going around my waist, he put his mouth to my ear and said, you look well fuckable, i could feel him pressing his cock up against the cheeks of my arse, only for i knew what he had i would have thought he was pushing a brush handle against me. i felt him fumbling with his fly and then felt my skirt being pushed up, his cock slid in between my legs, as he rubbed it off my clit i bent forward, he didnt try to put it up me, he just forced my head down and worked his cock in and out, all of a sudden he stopped moving, he pulled his cock away from me and walked over to the clothes horse, he picked up the black knickers and said, are they yours, i told him they were and he told me to put them on, when i did he told me to take everything off except the knickers, when i was naked in front of him he told me to lay on the floor with my legs open, as i got down he started stripping, by the time i was ready he was naked, his huge cock was standing out in front of him like a flag pole,he knelt down between my legs and leaned forward, when he started rubbing his cock off the knickers i asked him if i could take them off, no he said, i want to spunk them while you're wearing them, i want your cock in me i told him, your not getting it until i spunk your knickers he said, i didnt want to say anything to him, but i was worried that if he spunked my knickers he mightnt be able to give me a spunk up my cunt because of his age, it was assumed by me, and all my friends that once a man reached forty five they started to spunk less, little did i know how wrong i was, this man started wanking up against my knickers and didnt take long to shoot a huge load of spunk all over the crotch of the knickers, and i mean a huge load, not only did he cover the crotch, he shot it up along my belly and around my tits, his son could shoot a good load, but it was nothing compared to this, when he finished spunking he stood up, my cunt was dripping juice and i wanted him in me, but i knew he liked knickers more than he liked cunt, are you going to fuck me i asked him, no i'm not going to fuck you he said, i'm going to tear the cunt out of you with this, grabbing his cock in his fist, the big swollen knob started to turn pulple as he gripped it, and i could see his balls jerking, are we going to bed i asked him, in a minute he said, but get on your hands and knees first, when i did he went behind me and knelt down, i could feel his hand guiding his huge knob towards my wet fuckhole at the side of my knickers, then he pushed it into me, the force of his cock going up me pushed me forward, he rammed me so hard he had to put his hands on my hips to keep me pulled back on his cock, he fucked me so hard and fast my cunt felt as if it was on fire, and i couldnt believe how much spunk i felt going up me when he started shooting it, that's two spunks i thought, he's surely finished now, how wrong i was, he kept his cock inside me and said, did you get a cum yet, a slight one i told him, well ill just have to give you a good one he said, then he started fucking me again, as he fucked me up the side of my knickers he said, have you ever been fucked up the arsehole, once or twice i told him, but never with a monster like that, well you're going to get this monster up it in a minute he said, the thought of his huge cock going up my arsehole frightened me, he'd rip my hole open, i wasnt expecting the slap he gave me on the arse and it stung, for fucks sake i said, that hurts, thats just to take your mind off what i'm going to do he said, i felt him pulling his cock out of me and putting his hand down to it, then i felt him leaning back on his heels, i felt the knob of his cock searching for my closed arsehole, i felt it pushing against me and tried to move away from him, but he had a grip on my hips and i couldnt move, as he pushed his cock against me i said, you're fucking hurting me, for the first time since he started fucking me i heard a command in his voice, shut the fuck up he said, you're going to take this cock up your hole, what could i do, he had a hold of my hips and his cock was entering my hole, men dont realize how much it hurts for a girl to take a big cock up their holes when they're dry, but he suspected that there was something wrong when i tried to close my hole and pull away from him, he pulled his cock away from my arsehole and drove it up my cunt, he wet it with my own cum juice and tried my arse again, he did this several times unti finally he had his cock in my arsehole, for the first time he was gentle, he eased it into me and didnt move it once it was in, although i could feel it throbbing inside me, it felt nice, then without warning he said, oh fuck, i'm spunking your arsehole, and i felt it, the hose pipe was at work again, where in fucks name was this fifty year old man getting all this spunk, i didn't care, it felt beautiful, when he had me well spunked he pulled out gently, he leaned back again and said, thats your cunt and arsehole sorted, your mouth is next, is it i said as i got to my feet, yes it is he said, and you're getting it filled tomorrow night, why not tonight i asked, because i told my family i was just nipping down to the off licence for a few cans he replied, and i have to get home before they come looking for me, he started dressing and told me he would call again the next night, i have a date with your son tomorrow night i told him, send him home early he said, ill be here about the same time, when he was dressed he picked up his cans and headed for the door, he turned and said the funniest thing, my wife thinks i'm gone beyond fucking he said, she thinks i dont want sex any more, if she only knew i love fucking, and what made you fuck me i asked him, your lovely knickers he said, i've always been turned on by knickers, and yours were there for me to spunk into, he looked at me as he walked to the door and opened it, do you know all the talk about this fifty fucking shades of grey, i've heard about it i told him, well he's only trotting behind me said the man, if he wants to write another book he can come to me and ill give him a few tips, he walked out the door smiling and i went after him, are you calling tomorrow night i asked him, of course i am he said, i have a lot more to teach you, and ill fill the reader in about it in my next episode,

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