Written by 5andra

7 Dec 2012

to start my story, i was under severe pressure to find out who was spunking into my knickers, not knowong that it was my boyfriends father i started an investigation , on more than one occasion when i stayed over at their house, i would find a pair of my knickers covered in spunk stains when i returned back to my own flat, at first i thought it was my boyfriend, but after teasing him, and asking him if he had any fetish's, he told me his only fetish was fucking pussy, my boyfriend had a younger brother who i turned my attention to, but after a thorough investigation i realized he wasn't the culprit either, who could it be then i thought, my boyfriends father was all of fifty, surely it wasn't him, but one thing i was sure of, it had to be one of the three of them, i started setting traps, but the culprit was too clever for me, if i left a pair of knickers out on the floor beside the bed they wouldn't be touched, but when i put them in my travelling bag to take home with me, one pair, the black ones mostly would have spunk stains on them, whoever was wanking into them would do it just before i left for my flat, the stain would always be fresh when i took them out of the bag, i started watching who went up the stairs before i left, and the only one who said they were going to the toilet was the father, the dirty old cunt i said to myself, it's him, i hadnt taken much notice of him before, but once i realized it must have been him i watched his every move, and what i saw, more interested me than worried me, where ever i sat, the father would always position himself straight across from me, i nearly always wore short skirts, this was mainly to make sure my boyfriend coulld get a look up my skirt to be nice and horny for when we went to bed, but when the spunk stains started appearing i saw that my boyfriend wasn't the only one that was looking up my skirt, the father couldnt keep his eyes off my thighs, when i realized he was watching my thighs more than his son was i said to myself, ill fix you, you dirty old cunt, but for some unknown reason i was getting excited, knowing that this man, who was old enough to be my father, was looking up my skirt, and was also wanking into my knickers, and he was so brazen about it, he didnt try to hide the stains, he put the knickers into my bag, on top of the other clothes, knowing that i would have to see them the minute i opened the bag. my chance came when my boyfriend told me he would be working late one Tuesday evening, i drove to their house, but carried no bag with me, and i did worse, i wore no knickers, i don't know why i did it, and i tried to tell myself i shouldn't be doing it, but the excitement was too much for me, my full intention was to fuck with the fathers head, but it turned out that it was my head that got fucked up, when i went into the house the father was there on his own, he invited me in and asked me if i wanted tea, i accepted and he left the rom to make the tea, i sat on an arm chair facing the couch, i knew he was sitting on the left of it because his cigarettes and a newspaper were on the arm of the couch, when hw came back he handed me my tea and sat down on the couch, we had a chat about the weather and such like until i decided to give him a flash of thigh, i opened my legs slightly, knowing that he could see up my skirt, he looked for a second and then turned away, not satisfied with this i opened my legs a little more as i turned to look at some photos on the wall, i asked him who the people were in the photos besides his family, as he axplained i saw him glancing down between my legs, i knew he could now see my cuntlips, as my legs were open fairly wide, and i was sitting out on the edge of the arm chair, as i took a sip of the tea i glanced down myself and saw the bulge in the front of his trousers, to my surprise it looked enormous, this excited me more, by now i was starting to get wet between my legs, what would this man say if i propositioned him i thought, to be honest i didnt give a fuck what he thought, the sight of the massive bulge in his trousers, and the thought of him wanking into my knickers had me horny, but what could i say to get the ball rolling i thought, i looked straight down at his bulge and said, have you something large in your pocket, no he replied, why do you ask, because your trousers are sticking out i said, the cheeky bastard was quicker than i thought, if you closed your legs it wouldn't be sticking out he replied, i fiegned innocence and asked him what he meant, if you wore knickers it wouldn't be like this he said, fuck you i thought, i can be a blunt as you, there isn't much point me wearing them when i come here i said, someone keeps spunking into them, and who would that be he asked, i dont know i said, but it's happened a couple of times, did it upset you he asked, not really i told him, so you wont mind if they're spunked again he asked, i dont mind i said, getting braver, but he was in his element, you shuld try getting them spunked while you're wearing them he said, i might i told him, but i'd want to see what kind of a cock is going to do it, without a word he stood up and opened his belt, unhooked the clip on the top of his trousers, pushed the zip down and let them fall to his feet, i was surprised to see he wasn't wearing shorts or boxers, he was standing in front of me with one of the biggest cocks i have ever seen, it was at least nine inches in length, and it must have been four inches thick, holy Jesus i thought, where did his son go wrong, he saw the surprised look on my face and said, have you ever seen one like this before, i half spoke and half stammered that i hadn't, he didnt fuck about after that, he waddled over to me and kelt down in front of my knees, lean back he said, i obeyed him without answering, when my back was against the chair he spread my legs and ran his hands up my thighs, i could feel his cock rubbing off the inside of my leg, by the time his hands were rubbing off the lips of my cunt i wanted him inside me more than i had ever wanted anybody, i couldn't believe i was here with a fifty year old man, wanting his cock up me, there was no gentleness with him, he stood up and told me to stand up as well, when i did he told me to walk around to the back of the couch, when i did he waddled around after me, before i knew what was happening he had me bent over the back of the couch and my skirt was up around my back. there was no foreplay, no playing with me, he told me to spread my legs and push my arse out towards him, i felt one of his hands going down to my cunt to open my lips, his other hand guided his cock towards me, i felt the knob entering me, and then i felt the huge cock ramming into me, the fucking bastard almost lifted me off my feet as he rammed his massive cock into me, and the talk that came out of him was so dirty that i nearly came before him, but luckily we came together, do you like my cock fucking you he asked, i had to admit that i did, do you love it he asked, again i had to admit that i did, he fucked me so hard that my feet were leaving the floor, i thought he was going to push me over the back of the couch, and when he started spunking into me it felt as if someone had shoved a hose up my cunt, it was so powerful that it hurt me slightly, thank God i got a cum myself with him, he finished spunking me and pulled out, he told me he wanted to fuck me in a bed, but would have to go to my flat to do it as it wouldnt be safe here in his own house, i dont know why, but i told him to call out to my place the following night as i had no date with his son, i then told him i would leave and he could say i hadnt called there at all, if you think you got fucked tonight he said, just wait until i get you in bed tomorrow night, ill show you things you wouldnt believe existed, and he did, but i will get to that the next time, and a word of warning, if you see an older man looking up your skirt girls, dont waste time thinking he's a dirty old bastard, he's more than likely the best fuck you'll ever get