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23 Dec 2012

The Cuckold


7 minute read

First if all this is a true story of a couple i used to have regular meets with. I walked into the bar and there they were sitting in the corner. She looked gorgeous. Long black hair past her shoulder slight sun kissed tan, curves in all the right places. I could just picture what was underneath from the last time. My mind raced through all the sexy little numbers i had seen her in. Was it the red lace? Black corset? White baby doll? I couldn’t decide which one id like most but I already feeling my cock bulge in my pants just thinking about it. I stood and the bar and ordered a drink. I could hear heels clipping on the floor and I prayed in my head it was her coming over. A little black bag was placed on the counter beside me and I knew immediately it was her. She ordered herself and him a drink and after a bit of small talk between ourselves she invited me over to the table. The table was in the corner in view of some of the pub but it wasn’t that busy and was secluded enough. We chatted for a while all the time Mrs looking at me. I could see she was excited from the way she licked her straw and the loo in her eye. I felt her hand on my leg. Slowly up and down it moved. Each time getting closer to my cock which was already getting harder. i wasn’t sure if mr knew or if he was just hoping she was but either way he seemed oblivious to the fact his wife was feeling me up under the table. I put my hand against her leg and slowly rubbed it up her thigh. As i came to the bottom of her dress i could feel the top of her stockings, the clips of the suspenders holding them up. I was now dreaming of what she was wearing. I kept moving up and came to her panties i rubbed my hand along the edge of them and she took a deep breath. She grabbed my throbbing cock through my pants and said to her husband “come on its time we got going” The journey to their house never seemed so long . all the way she rubbed my cock through my pants and i had pulled up her dress a bit so i could rub her pussy through her panties. I could see him looking in the rear-view mirror and she must have to “keep your eyes on the road you don’t wanto crash the car do you?” “No mistress” he answered. We pulled upto the house and headed straight for the bedroom. He sat on the chair in the corner. “Good boy” she said. “he knows his place”. She stood there in the centre of the room, she unzipped her figure hugging black dress and dropped to the floor along with my jaw. She stood there in sexy red and black Basque, its ties reaching down to sexy black stockings and a tiny thong which barely covered her pussy. She strolled over to him still wearing her high heels. “Take off your clothes and get on the floor” he jumped up stripped down and was kneeling on the floor in seconds. My eyes were stuck on her gorgeous ass, lovely curvy and shown off great by her little thong. She turned and walked over to me. She sat down on my lap “this could be you if you were a real man” she said to him and she rubbed my rock hard cock through my pants. She knelt down between my legs undoing my pants and pulling them down. Wanking my cock she looked at him again “this is a real mans cock, big enough to please me”. She leans in and starts sucking looking up at me with her deep brown eyes. I could feel my cock throbbing with ever movement of her tongue against it. Stopping ever so often and wanking it a few times while looking at him, “bet you wish this was you don’t you” “yes mistress” he replies. After a few minutes she stands up sexy thighs inches from my face she leans in and pushes me to the bed. One stocking covered leg after another she climbs on top of me leaning in to kiss me passionately on the lips, stopping a few seconds later, looking him “get ur ass up here” he climbs up and sits on the edge of the bed as she leans in again pulling the buttons on my shirt apart and running her hands up my chest grinding up against my cock as she does. “is mistress enjoying herself” he asked. “of course I am now shut up I didn’t ask you to speak” she said glaring at him. I could feel her breathing getting heavier and the wet from her panties was coming onto me cock. Grinding against me i reached around and clasped my hands on the top of her ass just along the thong. Rubbing back and forward on me she looked at him running her hands down her front and onto me. Moments later she pulled the moist thong to the side, sat up and grasped my cock and slowly lowered herself onto me. Slowly she started moving up and down, leaning in her hands clenching my chest forward and back she was getting faster. It felt so good i could just cum there and then but I didn’t want it to end there. I ran my hands from her breasts slowly down her side and gripped her ass firmly as we started fucking harder and faster. It all stopped. I heard her say “lie on your back bitch!” without a second pause he was on his back on the other side of the bed. She climbed of me and kneeled on all fours over his face. “fuck me from behind” she said to me. “He needs to see up close how to fuck”. So I got up and kneeled over him. I pulled her thong slightly to the side so it still framed her gorgeous ass. I slowly entered her, she was so wet and i could tell she was dying for a good hard fucking. I started slowly the getting faster and faster her moans getting loader and loader. “you got a good view?” “Yes mistress i have a great view” he answered her. “Grab my hair” she shouted at me I grabbed her long black hair and pulled her hair and her head tilted backwards with it “oh yea fuck me like a little whore” faster and faster, harder and harder. I could feel he shuddering and moaning more, “keep going” and she let out a little scream. Her pussy tightened as she came and it felt even better. “You enjoying seeing your wife getting fucked” I said to him. “I love it” he answered. “Fuck me like a real man would” she shouted, pushing up against me as i pushed against her. Her incredible ass was clapping against my front. My hands clenched against her waist trying not to cum. she must have known i was trying to hold back and wasn’t going to last much longer, “cum in me she moaned” at that moment i blew my load. “MMMMM” she moaned as I came my cock throbbing and spurting inside her. She was still pushing up against and her amazing ass still clapping on my hips. “You like that bitch?” she said “yes mistress” he replied. I climbed off and sat on the edge of the bed. She then sat down on his face and her started licking her dripping wet pussy. Her moans got loader and loader and she grinded against his face. “lick my pussy, taste how excited a real man makes me” I could hear him lick and suck her clit as she moaned more rubbing her pussy on his face. I could see her shaking again grabbing the duvet cover her head tilting back. She let out a large moan. She had cum again. She grinded a few more times and climbed off leaned in and kissed him “I love you” she said looking at him. He sat up “that was amazing!” and a big smile on his face.

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