Written by Sean2570

8 Dec 2017

Her body rose and fell as I flicked up and down hard on her clit. Behind me I could hear my boss unbuckle the belt on his trousers, and my cock was now straining as I struggled with an erection.

The wife lifted my head up and I moved up her naked body to once again suckle on her nipples. Beneath me I could feel her hands un do my belt and zip and then I felt her hand massaging my cock up and down.

With my trousers and pants around my ankles I began to rub my stiff cock against the lips of her pussy, I was hesitating waiting for one of them to say stop.

They didn't, and I felt her hand again on my cock pushing it deep inside her. Her hips were grinding against me, wanting it deeper and deeper, I needed to take back control and I stopped thrusting, knelt upright on the sofa, and grabbed her ankles to hold her legs up in the air, I pushed back deep inside her , she was now gripping the seat of the sofa hard as I pushed in and out, her back was arched and I felt myself about to cum, she must have felt it too as she jumped up off the sofa and started to lick and suck my cock. I came heavily and she looked like she loved the taste.

Smiling the wife stood up from the sofa, said thank you and kissed me and left the room.

Kneeling on the bosses couch, cock out, trousers at my ankles, I looked over at my boss, he too had cum and was trying to clean himself. DId you enjoy that he said, yes loved it I replied. He laughed and went upstairs to change his trousers.

When he came back down, he said right, what about a bit of lunch, you're buying,

No problem I said and we left his house for a local cafe.