Written by Sean2570

8 Dec 2017

I had been working for the office fit out company for three or four months and the Christmas party was approaching fast. I wasn't that pushed on a river boat trip down the thames, but the food sounded ok and there was bar and dancing. On the night of the do, me and a couple of lads arrived early and started on the pints, the boss arrived after an hour or so with his wife,this was my first time meeting her as I was new to the company. They were very very merry and had obviously been on the wine for the afternoon. We had our meal and occasionally I had caught the wifes eye whilst eating, both the boss and his wife were knocking back the wine like it was out of fashion. After an hour the music started up and people crowded onto the dance floor. The boss's wife was obvious on the dance floor,arms swinging, doing great moves but out of time to the music.

I was talking with a lad from work at the bar when she came up to us,she said nothing just pulling me by the hand onto the dancefloor, I scanned the room quickly where was the boss? Not to be seen and we began dancing, it was a fast song but she pulled me tight to her body and I could feel every curve under the light fabric of her dress.

We circled the floor and I saw the boss looking at us, I was terrified, new job dancing with his wife, I couldn't read his face, he was watching but not smiling not angry, just staring.

The night ended and we all staggered off to tube stations in different directions. The following Monday morning I arrived in office and the boss was already in,as I sat down at my desk, he popped his head out his office door and called me in. Here we fxxking go I said to myself,and had visions of having to go straight to dole office to sign on.

I walked in and the boss said we had to go on a site visit, relieved but nervous I gathered notebook and pens and followed him to his car. We drove for about 45 minutes, general small talk, and how good the do had been. It was odd that we were driving in a residential area away from the city, but I only copped it when he indicated to pull into the driveway of a large house. It was his house, he said he had to pick something up,but asked me in. He opened front door, I could hear a TV blaring and as we walked into the kitchen, the bosses wife was standing there in her dressing gown, I said hi

and she smiled. The boss made coffee and they talked chit chat about kids to school ,etc. His wife walked across the kitchen to get tea and I heard that clickty click noise, she was standing in front of the cupboard in her dressing gown and black stilettos...

Part 2 to follow