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The bitch two doors down.

"I feel I've gotten revenge"
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Published 8 months ago
So the neighbor two doors down from me is a bitch. I've had numerous run ins with her over the year's. Lockdown has been extremely tough and stressful and I just snapped. My little boy kicked his football into her garden so she took the ball off him and told him off. So of course I knocked into her but all I got was a slap across the face. So I ended up in my sitting room crying, I rang my husband and as usually he ended up blaming me for what had happened. I stopped crying and a rage came over me. This women left her house every day for her hour long walk leaving Adam her husband on his own so I'd get the ball off him instead. So I put on a dress with no bra and knocked into Adam, he was reluctant to let me in but obviously the sight of nipples protruding through my dress made his mind up. So once inside I told Adam out straight that if he gave me the football I suck his dick let him fuck me or pull him off basically anything he wanted. He was shocked and clearly thought I wasn't serious so I pulled my dress off my shoulders and down to my waist revealing my breasts. I explained to Adam this was a one time offer so if he wanted me then this was it. Adams reply ''blowjob'' so I took off my dress and knickers and got on my knees and unzipped his trousers pulling out his cock which I have to say was impressive. Adam turned out to be a bit of a porno head. He didn't like me having control of his cock he wanted control of it, I was just to open my mouth and Adams job was to get as much of his cock down my throat as possible normally I wouldn't let this happen but my burning hatred for his bitch of a wife kept my open as wide as I could get it. Eventually Adam decided he was going to have to fuck me to cum so I sat back on the couch with my legs in the air spread nice and wide Adam was just staring at my pussy pulling the mickey off himself. When he did get round to fucking me it was fast and hard after 10 mins he dropped the bomb that he could only cum if he fucked my ass. I'd never done anal before so I said no way. But Adam just pulled his cock out and told me to get dressed so I gave in, he got some lube and gently slide his mickey in, after a couple of slow in and outs I thought this isn't to bad but Adam is all about speed and force so mouth pussy or Arse Adam only has one way of fucking. He pounded my poor hole out of it for what seemed an age until he finally dropped his load deep in my Arse. Then he spent at least 2 or 3 minutes with me bent over and my Arse cheeks spread and him licking my Arse hole, very weird. So I got dressed got the ball and headed back home. I use to hate seeing that bitch every other day but since I let her husband fuck me I'm only to delighted to run into her. And he is always sniffing around like a dog in heat clearly looking for second helpings. Muppet. Thanks for reading my story Lots of love Rebecca. P.S For all you lads with big cocks take it slow until her pussy is soaking wet.

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