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needstoplease 7 years ago

The beginning of some wild encounters

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This is a story about one of the last sexually fantasies myself and the ex acted out together before we went our separate ways. As I was sitting in work submitting timesheets before clocking out and heading home, my ex sent me a text. "I'm wearing the new lingerie you bought me". Simple but effective, it had me hard instantly. At 5ft 2" and size 6 she was petite and hot as hell. Converstaions with my boss were painful. Made more difficult mid-way as she sent me a pic of herself posing in front of the mirror. I was praying he would not drag me from my desk in an attempt to show me some irrelevant item in need of servicing. On the way home I slipped my cock from my trousers and pulled on my shaft. It pulsed away in my hand with each stroke. Each woman spotted on the road added to my fantasy as I tried desperately to find the shortest route home. My girlfriend came out to meet me in the driveway. A long silk house coat consealing what was beneath. "Get in the car" I said as I glanced over her form. She did so without question and I reversed on to road. We drove on into a wooded area near our house. We got out and as she leaned against a tree I opened the booth of the car. Having a job in building maintenance I always have a few bits and pieces in the car. I took out some rope and as the car hide from view... I texted a friend from another site to come and join us. My ex was always teaseing me with the idea of sleeping with another guy after she heard I had slept with her mother but never acted on it. I had only been with her mother twice before and our sex life was amazing afterwards. I was always hoping she would seduce another guy into bed. As she faced me with her back to the tree I tied her hands around it. Taking an old running t-shirt I blindfolded her, making sure it was nice and tight. Sliding her silk panties to the ground I parted her legs and fell to my knees. She quickly closed them. In a demanding voice she ordered me to my kness and insisted I fuck her. I undid the zip on my trousers and released my cock from within. placing my hands around her knees I raised them around my waist and guided the tip of my cock to the opening of her pussy. She was really moist. licking her lips with anticipation she asked if anyone was watching. I didn't reply. Instead I forced my cock inside her. She screamed. "Fuck me that hurt" she said as she leant in and bit my neck. I thrust my cock deep and hard inside her. The weight of her body forcing her onto the shaft of my cock. My god it was intense. After about 45 minutes I could feel my cock begin to swell, unleashing 3-4 spurts of cum deep inside her. I hadn't noticed but my friends car had pulled up near ours. He leaned against the driver door with his trousers around his ankles. I placed the ex back on the ground and went over to him. "Thanks for letting me watch" he said with a smile on his face "she is really hot". "What ya mean watch?" I said in a low voice "your next". He neede no encouragement. He walked over to my ex and Taking her legs placed them around his waist. "Sorry honey" I said "I had to check the car. Are you ready to take my cock again?" Biting her lip she shook her head. My friend slid inside her cum filled pussy. with each trust my cum coated and lubricated his cock. I was never so turned on in my life. His cock was not as thick as mine. Mine is 4" while his was 2" but we were the same length. In the heat of the moment I removed her blindfold to reveal to her the person she was fucking. Her expression of pleasure was instantly filled with one of uncertainty and fear. He started to moan. "God she has tightened up" he said as he tried to fuck her.With a deep kiss I reassured her. "What if he cums in me she said between breaths as an orgasm flowed through her. "He wont I said" as he let out a groan. That very distinct groan wich meant I had spoken too soon. For what seemed like a lifetime he filled her cunt full of his cum. My ex in no position to stop him. Myself too turned on to stop him. When it was all over I untid her, said goodbye to my friend and drove home. For the next 4 months our sex life was beyond compare. Our sex life was a lot better with more stories to follow

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