24 Jul 2017

We all have them. You know that 1 person that you think is so uppidy that you want to hard fuck them to get back at them. There was this girl i worked with, tall slim with great body, by god was she annoying. I'd come in after heavy weekend of boozing and riding but she'd always have had a supposedly better weekend or she'd chastise me about what i was up to. My response was always the same"go suck on my left testicle ". Fuck me she was hot. Wearing that tight black pants you could see her round tight ass. Ample tits too. I often thought it would be a great way to shut her up if my thick cock was in her mouth. One weekend all of us from work decided to go for a drink. Started off in my gaff then work our way into town. We had few drinks and decided leave bit behind incase we wanted come back after. All women i worked with were mad for wild nights out(we worked alot of weekends so free time was precious) and were dressed up accordingly. We got to town and i started with 1 girl who id been with before. The usual chat. She heads off to bar. Next thing i know my uppidy bitch was up to me. " dont tell me your gonna fuck her" she says. I havnt yet i said with a smile."good coz id never fuck you if i found out you rode her i dont like her". Thats when massive glint came in my eye. The horny bitch now wants to fuck me. I had a sense this could be one of those "prick tease " manoeuvres so i didnt push it and kept outrageously flirting with every other girl in the place. Around 2am 10 of us decided go back to mine. Id 2 girls on my knees as the uppidy girl sat across glaring at me. Eventually it wittled down to me her my friend and his ex. Drink was all gone. "Fuck it im going bed" i said. I toddled off upstairs. I stripped and hopped into bed. Then i heard noise on the stairs and my door opened and in came herself. She announced "we are not having sex i just want a bed to sleep in" i said ok but the golden rule is any girl thats in my bed cant wear clothes coz i get too hot. She looked at me but then acquiesced. I watched her take off her dress. Then undo her bra before bending over in her black thong and taking off her heels. I was rock hard. In she jumped. I told her im a cuddler and wrapped my arms around her firm body. I kissed her neck and said goodnight. When i got no ill response i kissed it again and again. I could then feel her goosepimples. My hard cock was pressed between the cheeks of her ass. I kissed and bit her neck. She started to moan. My hands grabbed her firm tits. Her nipples were full and firm. She turned towards me kissing my lips,biting them. "What do you want me to do" she said in a submissive voice. "What i always told you to do get down there and suck on my left testicle " she nodded and kissed my body all the way down. She took my cock in her hand and wrapped her mouth around my balls. Licking and sucking for all her worth. "Suck my cock" i told her. None of this messing about she grabbed it and forced it back her throat repeatedly gagging. The noises got my cock harder and thicker causing her to gag more. I held he head down. I could feel her drool all over my cock and balls. She was a good obident little bitch staying down there as long as i held her without fighting. I was so full of alcohol there was no way i was cumming from a bj. I grabbed her by hair and lay her on her back. "What now" she said. "I gonna use your pussy to cum" as i pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy. I continued to hold her head. Pulling her hair on the deep thrusts. I noticed her whincing. She wasnt used to a big thick cock fucking her like a piece of meat. Her body slid up the bed till her head was on the headboard. I released her hair and pounded her pussy. With every hard thrust her head banged off the headboard. Over and over and over till i was on verge of cumming. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head down on my cock. She opened her mouth and i drove it down her throat till i came. She sucked and sucked till every drop was out. I lay back on bed. She looked at me then lay on my arm. Her makeup a mess, her hair all over the place her body still covered in goosepimples. I asked her was she staying the night. She said yes. As she composed herself i whispered in her ear" you know that girl that u didn't want me to fuck" . " yeah" she said looking at me."i fucked her before you came over to house tonight and your after sucking her pussy juice off my cock" with that i rolled over. Id put her in her place.