Written by admin

25 Feb 2009

I am a 19 yr old studying in NUI Maynooth, part of my course requirements are that i have to complete a sufficient amount of hours doing work experience. I do my work experience in a primary school a few miles away from the college. My work consists of sitting in the back of a class all day doing nothing... except looking at the 42 yr old teacher with the 32e titts and big ass!! She is the type of girl who would catch you looking at her and then bend over!! One my 3rd week of work experience all the plumbing froze in the school except for one toilet in the basement and it was just my luck that i had been dying for a pis all morning!! so i head to the toilet during lunch..here i am in the cubicle in the basement and i hear somebody enter the room and i finish up so the other person can use the toilet.. Outside the door is the sexy teacher who we will call Jennifer, she kindly reminds me that my fly is unzipped!! My face then goes the darkest shade of red you will ever see, i tried to turn around to pull up my zipper but she grabs my crotch and starts rubbing it vigorously, i try to pull away but she pulls me in tightly. She then stops rubbing and steps back and pulls her titts out of her dress!! OH MY GOD! What a sight, at this stage all my embarrassment had left me! She got to her knees and started sucking me off, my 8 inches was going all the wat down her throat.. She came back up and kissed my and i slid my hand up her dress to find out her pussy was dripping wet.. i inserted 2 fingers and she began to moan, i was so fuckin horny. she took off her dress and bent over for me.. i was thinking how lucky am i! i slid into her for behind and banged her hard for ten minutes, god only knows how i didnt come there and then! she then lay on her back and i put my cock between her titts and started to bang them!! it was dissappearing in her huge rack.. she then grabbed my cock and placed it at her ass.. i slowly pushed it in, this was my first time having anal sex and it was amazing... i pounded her ass until i couldn go anymore and pulled out and came on her 32e`s, that was the best moment of my life!! i took a pic on my phone(soon to be uploaded to my profile). She cleaned herself up and gave me a kiss and said u dont no whats in store for u!! (this was 3 weeks ago and im hoping im gonna find out whats instore for me soon!!:-)