Written by Joe728

7 Apr 2012

Last summer myself and my sexy man headed off to see the Coronas.. He picked me up at mine and as soon as I laid eyes on him my pussy began to throb for his big tastee cock! We arrived at the gig and whilst looking for a decent spot we downed a few mojitos.. When he went to the bar I could see some girls watching him, this really turned me on and when he came back I stood behind him grinding my throbbing pussy against him.. I put my hand in his pocket and ran my fingertip around the top of his cock as it became fully erect :) i then realized one of the girls was still watching. Seeing this got me going even more. To my advantage I was wearin a short skirt so I pulled it up and leaned back into his erection..I cud feel the juices squeezing out of my pussy as it pulsated imagining the sensation of the thrusting of his big tastee cock..I then removed my panties n put them in his hand.. He smiled at me and then started rubbing my inside thigh slowly movin up to my pussy.. I was so horny at this stage that I didn't care who could see.. I reached back n undone his zip n pulled out his cock n slowly rubbed it up and down my wet pulsating pussy..I then slowly teased my erect clit with my two fingers n teasingly inserted them into my dripping pussy as I reached back and put my fingers into my bf mouth then he slowly licked them while he put his fingers in my mouth too! Then A girl tapped me on the shoulder and said "ride him to hell" this turned me on so much that We ended up leaving early to fuck each others brains out!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmms I got that cock deep down my throat he's was taaaastee!! What a good night :)