11 Dec 2018

…..........So after I pulled out of her she asked me for the condom with my cum in it she tied a knot in it and put it in to her handbag. Apparently it was going to be a ‘gift’ for her fella. She then told me that we were invited round to her friend’s house so we got dressed and set off stopping at an off licence on the way we got some beer & wine. When we arrived at her friend’s house there was a party in full swing, a few neighbours in having a drink and music pumping. The only other guy there was Angela’s fella Tim all the rest were lady friends just enjoying Saturday evening drinks.

We mingled & chatted and enjoyed the craic before some of the girls left as they were heading out on the town leaving behind Louise & me, Angela & Tim and a lovely lady whose name was Claire and she was drop dead gorgeous mmmmm

Next thing I know the outdoor hot tub was fired up in their back garden and soon all 5 of us were all in it naked and the chat and banter soon turned into an all out orgy girls snogging and touching each other while Tim & I fucked each girl like swapping rides on a merry go round. As the evening wore on we were in and out of the hot tub as the need arose for drinks from the fridge and reloading time for the lads.

The party ended around 5am when all of us were pretty much spent so I got a taxi back to my hotel where I slept for a few hours when I woke I was buzzing with the happy memories that will last for a long time……..