10 Dec 2018

Part 1

As I sat in the hotel bar waiting for my hot date I drank a bottle of beer and then another and soon after another as my date was late. I was confident that she was coming as we had been chatting online & whatsapp for a few weeks but I was getting a little bit uneasy as I drank beer & waited. My phone pinged and the message read 'be there in 5 minutes' so I asked her what her tipple was. I had just received her glass of wine to my table when suddenly my date appeared. It was our first meet but as we had chatted extensively over a couple of weeks we greeted each other warmly with a hug and a kiss and sat down for a chat and a good look at each other.

Louise was a few years older than me but she was very attractive with shoulder length brunette hair sallow skin brown eyes and a nice smile. She apologised for being late and explained she had been around at her friend’s house and got delayed as a result. I was probably only half listening as I was trying to figure out how to get her upstairs to my bedroom asap as I was as horny as hell and I just wanted to get her clothes off and fuck her. The chit chat could wait for inbetween rounds I thought.

But as it turned out suddenly she suggested maybe her friend Angela & her hubby might like to come over & join us for some fun in the bedroom Yes! I thought but as we were in a small family owned hotel it could be a bit awkward for the four of us to go up to the room. So I suggested I show Louise to the room first and we could figure it out from there. When we got to the room Louise needed to use the bathroom. I could hear her peeing in the ensuite as I undressed myself to be ready for action which I was when she came out of the bathroom I set about kissing her snogging her rubbing my hands all over her body exploring and undressing her at the same time. Soon I went down on her wet pussy it was so juicy mmmmmmmm she was really enjoying my tongue & hungry lips on her clit, pussy and asshole she took out her phone and began a phonecall it was to her friend Angela! so there she was talking while moaning & gasping to her friend on the phone while I ravaged her pussy & asshole with my mouth tongue & fingers so much so that she asked me to fuck her asshole first so I turned her over on the bed and as I stood at the foot of the bed she presented herself to me on all fours. By now I had a raging horn I rolled on a condom she put a little bit of lube on it and I rammed into her asshole which surprisingly took it with ease. She moaned loudly and said ‘talk to you later’ to her friend as I rode her ass as hard as I could but I didn’t last very long as I was so turned on so I shot my load into the condom deep in her asshole apologising for not lasting very long but assuring her that the next round would be longer…….