Written by Anonymous

6 Jul 2009

After being out on the town with my friends I ended up having to walk home alone for various reasons, On my way there I heard the thud of high heels behind me. I carried on walking though then i heard this "nice ass", I assumed it was for someone else and continued on my way. Then a louder "I said you've got a nice ass". Whether it was meant for me or not I had to look.

Sure enough a girl (pretty hot too) was there on her lonesome, dark hair, short skirt skin tight top, the sexiest look a girl can give coming form her eyes. "You've a lovely arse, can I have a feel?" "its all yours" I replied. "you're pretty good looking too wanna walk me home?" She said. Now if i was reading this I'd say "yeah right", but honest to god the girl knwe what she wanted that night.

So I walked her home we went into her living room, and she continued to tease me, rubbing my crotch with her bare foot, my cock hardening beneath my jeans, she leans over and kisses me and as she gets up she places her hand on my dick and says, hold on for a minute and disappears out the door.

About 10 minutes later i get a shout to come to her I find her in the bedroom, in black underwear and knee high, 4 inch fuck mes. She says open your jeans and take off your shoes and top. I thought "What the fuck? Why not?" So i did and there i was stark bollock naked with a raging horn on me standing in front of this sexy slim dark haired woman. She walks overtakes my cock in her hand and leads me to the bed, she throws me down and starts to suck it, deeper and deeper into her mouth, the sound of her gagging makes me harder.

She starts to talk dirty to me, "I'm gonna fuck your brains out, I want that cock to cum all over my tits and cunt (when a woman calls it her cunt...major turn on)" She proceeded to tie me to the bed (Another first) hands and legs, then takes her thong off, leaving the boots and bra on, she continues to suck my ccok before climing over my body and sitting on my face to lick her pussy clean, (Which i love)then she girates on my tongue, moaning and shouting all through it, after 5 minutes she starts to shudder as she cums, takes a breath then climbs on my cock for seconds, "you like this?" she asks "Idon't care cos i do".

It felt fuckin awesome to be her fuck toy as i began to cum she leaned back and my cock popped out of her pussy she grabbed it and swallowed it whole so i came straight down her throat. We repeated the process later that night and the following morning, after that she never contacted me again, I felt fuckin great just to used by a sexy horny girl, i still wank off thinking about it.

I don't know if this is the story you would be inyterested in but i had to tell some one.