Written by S O M

4 Nov 2016

This is a great site to make new friends and to meet people that enjoy the same things, and fulfill fantasies. My wife and I have been married for some time now, we never had any experience of being with others but found it made our love making sessions wilder to have fantasies. We joined on here, just reading stories and browsing, until we got involved in the chat room. On there we met many nice people, couples and single guys. It turned us on chatting and then having sex, it was in one of those sessions we decided to make it happen. My wife wasn't comfortable meeting with a woman, so we decided to find a guy to join us, I really wanted to see her being taken by another man. She left it up to me to pick the guy, so after chatting to a few that were keen I went for Chris. He was very genuine and assured me he had experience of doing this, I didn't want someone to bail out and put us off the path, he was also much younger than us, I wanted Sheila to experience a young man again and he was into mature women.

We booked a hotel and met at the bar, after a few drinks we decided to have fun. Once in the room Chris took charge, I sat and watched the show. He kissed her deeply while feeling her tits and rubbing his hands between her legs. He stripped her naked and sat her on the bed, and when he was naked he stroked his cock and offered it to her to suck. He looked and me and smiled as she sucked it, he played with her tits and encouraged her "go on, suck that cock", which was turning me on big time. He put her on her back, spread her legs and said " I want to taste your pussy, it looks so nice ", he was good at it and she orgasmed as he ate her. I knew he was ready to mount her when he started to pull his cock while licking her. He moved up over her and rubbed the head of his cock along the slit of her wet cunt, her eyes were closed and she bit her lip as she knew what was coming. He looked at me, then slowly pushed his cock into my wife's pussy. She moaned loudly as she took a different cock for the first time in her life, and I watched as this young stud fucked her so well. He really put on a show, he gave her the ride of her life and made her feel so good by saying "oh yeah, I love it, your pussy is so tight " and " turn over, I want to see your arse while you take my cock". After making her come a few times he mounted her on her back, started to please himself, fucking her really hard, "where do you want it?", he asked, "inside me, cum inside me ", and as sweat fell off him I saw his buttocks clench and with one final thrust I knew he was unloading his cum in my wife's cunt.

After we had a drink I slept with Sheila while Chris fell asleep on the single bed. I was awakened in the morning by the sound of the bed moving, and Chris was buried in my wife again until he filled her up again and left. I took my turn then and it didn't take long for me to add my load to his.

It was a great experience and one I hope to get her to repeat, next time we will try for some one else to give her another new experience and I can't wait, so many to choose from.