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Takes one to know one ….

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Published 10 years ago
You said it would be a night I’d remember and WOW you where so right , How could I ever forget , why would I ever want to ? ….. You book a room and said meet me at 5 after work and I had agreed as we had been meeting for a few months now and all was going well , We are here for lust , sex and the feelings that we generate from one another , We don’t want more and we don’t ask for more ….. He arrives late ….put that’s not new ….. And I am laying across the end off the bed flicking through a magazine , freshly showered and relaxed I smile at he as approach me with a twinkle in his eye …. A soft kiss placed on my lips and he pulls away and undress in front off me …I like what I see , put more so I want what I see and I reach out to touch him …. 'No touching hun its my turn to tease ,' he says in a deep husky voice ….My eyes clued to his face I nod and say nothing as he remove the towel from around me and lay me back softly on the bed again parting my legs with out another word .He looked at my glistening pink folds and inhaled the musky sex scent my was secreting. He buried his tongue deep into my pussy and heard my guttural moans. Brad slid his tongue up and down my soaking wet slit, making tiny circles round my sensitive bud. My moans turned to whimpers as his circling became more focussed on my clit. He slid a finger deep into my pussy and began nibbling on my clit. I groaned and began to rub my pussy against his face. The stubble on his chin grazed my now sensitive pussy, but the pain turned me on even more. He glides two more fingers inside of me finding my inner most button and began fucking me hard with his hand. Brad bought his other hand towards my breast and started pulling and twisting my nipples. I began moving faster, grinding my pussy against his face, moaning and grabbing at his hair. I felt the waves of my orgasm threatening to break over me. He knew i was close, and so he began tugging on my clit with his teeth. I started panting and fucking his face, while moaning and whimpering his name. With one last flick of his tongue on my clit I was cumming, harder than I ever had before. He felt my pussy contracting round his fingers and he licked at the juices that were pouring out of my swollen hot tight pussy . He looked up at me and our eyes met. I smiled wickedly at him. He rose up from between my legs and kissed me. I tasted myself on his tongue and his stubble rasped against my cheek. 'Wow' i exclaimed as he lay down beside me. My eyes roamed over his body and saw his thick cock standing proudly. 'Now it's your turn' I said with a glint in my eye , pushing you down gently onto the bed. Normally i do whatever you want in bed, but this time i’m in control. it’s my turn. I crawl across to you and straddle your hips. i can feel our naked bodies brushing against each other again and i can feel your desire for me throbbing against the inside of my thigh. Looking you straight in the eye i lean down and kiss you, sliding my lips along yours, darting my tongue in and out of your mouth, biting on your bottom lip. I feel your hands trail up my sides, over my ribcage, and then your strong hands cup my breasts. Feeling the zing of pleasure when you run your thumbs across my nipples and the pinch them, i smile down at you. Trailing my kisses across your tense jaw, I feel you start to breathe faster as i tickle my tongue along the sensitive skin behind your ear. Moaning softly in your ear i ask “Do you taste this good all over?” and hear you groan in torture under me. My fingers slide down to rub and toy with your right nipple as i kiss my way across your left collarbone. Occasionally you can feel my teeth along your skin as i follow my hand with hot open mouth kisses down your chest, sucking your hard nipple into my mouth. Feeling your hard cock jerk against my thigh, i glance down and realize just how turned on you are. Smiling, i crawl backwards, kissing your stomach and licking along the ridge of your hipbone. Hearing you suck in a breath hard, i slide both of my hands slowly up the insides of your thighs, lightly massaging the softness of your inner thighs, before firmly pushing them wide apart…. Seeing you opened wide to me, i lower my head down to you. I can smell the pre-cum that’s coating the head of your cock. Rubbing my cheek against your engorged shaft i revel in the satiny soft skin of your pride that encases such an iron hard erection. Rubbing my face against you, some of your pre-cum coats my cheek right next to my mouth. Making sure you are watching, I slide my tongue out and slowly lick it off my face, teasing you. My nipples are still hard from when you had toyed with them before. Loving every minute of teasing you, i can feel my pussy getting wet from playing with you, and i haven’t even tasted your pride yet. Sitting up high on my knees, seeing your hard pride sitting up proudly, waiting for me, i reach down and easily insert two fingers into my wet pussy. Rubbing them in and out of me quickly and furiously, i make sure they are soaking wet. Realizing your hand had crept up and was quickly stroking your pride, i shake my head at you and pull it away with my free hand. I hear you groan, almost as if you are begging for release, but i want to play with you some more first. As soon as your pride is free i take my right hand, fingers coated in my juices, and wrap it around your pride so you can feel exactly how wet i am for you. Gently squeezing your cock, i start to stroke you, feeling my juices and your pre-cum mixing under my fingers. My head falls to your cock, as if drawn by a magnet. Sliding my hand up and squeezing you firmly right below the head of your pride, i let my tongue lap very softly at the head of your cock, licking up some of your pre-cum. Licking my lips, i look up at you, seeing you staring at me intently. “You do taste that good all over” i tell you and wink. Looking back down i can see more pre-cum flooding out of your head, and i get back to work licking it up. Flicking my tongue over your super sensitive cock head, I pause and then gently push the tip of my tongue into your slit, trying to dig out as much pre-cum as possible. Swallowing your juices down, I purse my lips, making it as tight as possible and then suck your cock into i mouth, i lips squeezing your cock all the way down, until i feel you hit the back of my throat. Working hard to swallow you down, i gag a little, feeling your hard cock head so deep in my throat. Relaxing, forcing myself to breathe, My hand creeps up to fondle your balls, massaging them, squeezing them softly. Feeling how much pre-cum you are letting loose in my mouth, I know you’re close. Moaning around your shaft i bring my other hand up to firmly hold the base of your cock while i start to stroke you in and out of my mouth. Looking up at you, seeing the intensity in your eyes I stroke faster and faster, sucking on you, hard, My hand following my mouth up and down. Pausing every once in a while, I rim the tip of my tongue under the hard ridge of your cockhead. As you get closer and closer, your hips start thrusting up into my mouth, unable to stay still. My mouth is riding your pride like it’s a rodeo bull I keep stroking you in and out of my mouth. Licking the very tip of your cock, tasting you on my tongue, I reach down and firmly massage that sweet spot between your balls and your asshole. Hearing you cry out that you’re going to cum i stop to look at you 'not yet babe ,' … I slowly slid my body back up the length of your’s … Placing my hips either side off you I take your pride in my hand yet again and slowly rub it over my hot wet pussy , watching you as I do , hearing you breath quicken with each tantalising rub …. Faster now as my clit begins to throb , I slowly glide your pride onto my tight pussy .. A little at a time in and out as my hips move up and down , your hands find my hips and start to pull me down slowly filling me … I move to take you deeper trusting my hips in time with yours , riding the waves off pleasure that come over me , wanting to make it last forever put as your thumb finds my throbbing clit and begins its circular assault my well I gone and I thrust harder and faster my pussy locking you inside me as I clench and milk you pride wanting all off you , needing all off you , over and over wave after wave off pleasure takes us until neither off us can told back , You grip my hips and pull me down hard ,I clench again and again my breath catches , my heart pounding , my mind lots in the pleasure as I feel you fill me spurt after hot spurt my juices now mixed with yours ,sliding down the length to cover your balls , Your hot hard throbbing pride taken us over the edge to beyond …I fall limp on your chest … you pull me closer and whisper .. 'You are a tease ,' …. I smile and reply .. ' takes one to know one ,'

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