Written by risk

12 Mar 2014

as we sat in the car park chatting about all of her previous meets, the conversation began to get a little bit more intense, description how she was taken by different men i could see it in her as her position in my passenger seat was being shifted as her legs would fold and unfold leaning forward and backwards as i mentioned her being fucked.

her small frame pert breasts and sexy ass was constantly appealing to me. i decided it was more than just a chat.. sitting in an empty pitch and putt car park in the mountains the rain smashing the windscreen as the windows fogged up while we chatted. the erotic tales got more graphic as i questioned her, my hands softly touching her legs as we laughed and her moving slightly towards me.. there was a slight silence as our shyness broke through for a second before i boldly told her i wanted to fuck her. she reacted taking my cock in her hand through my jeans pressing my hand on her dress to feel her wet pussy through the cloth of her dress.. as i pushed my hand deeper between her legs a small moan was let out.. i stopped straight away we couldnt continue not here and not now.. as we took off in the car she couldnt help herself, still taking my cock in her hands through my jeans.. begging me to fuck her as she needed it.. i saw a gate as i drove down the mountains into an empty field. as we pulled in she pulled her seat belt off, and opened her door walking in the rain to my bonnet. she sat up on the car lifting her dress.. i walked straight to her slamming her back as so i could get my tongue to her tasty sopping cunt. i ripped her white lace underwear down to her ankles and began to lick and finger her pussy. her moans loud as the rain pummeled down on us. i need all of her pulling the straps of her dress beyond her shoulders so i could lick and suck her long nipples as i drove my fingers into her soaking pussy. i began to really work her cunt now her legs raising as i fingered hard. her orgasm building and her pussy for the first time began to squirt.. spraying like the rain we were standing in. she was moaning my name telling me she needed my cock. i took my jeans clean off and sat her on the car her legs against my chest as as i drove my cock into her. i was ready to burst from her in my car but i need her to cum on my cock. i could feel her clench every time i thrusted deep inside her. my hands grabbing her tits squeezing her nipples roughly as the moment was totally taking me away. finally i could feel it her moans loudly turning to screams her cunt now squeezing my cock as she burst into orgasm, i could no longer hold either as wave after wave of cum fllled her up.. as i pulled away and stood back drenched she dipped a finger deep inside and had a little taste. im soaking she said..