Written by Anonymous

6 Oct 2008

this happened early this summer,went to the aqua dome tralee, was in the main pool and moved to the lazy river, as i went in i got a tap on my shoulder and bright hallo from a neighbour, lets call her anne, im surprised to see you here says ane, just felt like a swim and a bit of fun i said, at this stage we are half way found the river anne bouncing in front of me.Im here with the kids an hubby continues anne, at this point im a bit hard as anne is a nice women, when she bounces into me and her tyre rube my semy hard prick, oppes she laughs.We are out of the lazy river, now and she squeezes my arm, see you later, and off she swims,im wondering what that is all about, i splash about for a while, on the slide a few times, then i go to the steam room a few people in there after about 5 minutes, anne comes in, hi she sayes and sits down beside me, people come and go and anne siting beside me her left leg against my right leg and her hand on my hip, im now wondering where this is going,i think ill go into the sauna i tell anne, o good i like the sauna,again a few people in there i climb up near the top seat, and anne sits below me, again people coming and going, after a while she rests her head on my knee and rubs my foot and ankle, at this stage im hard very hard, the one person there leaves, anne then slides her hand up my leg and in to my shorts, and rubs my balls and prick. anne looks up at me and smiles,and says jump into the plunge pool and when this is soft ill meet you in the changing rooms. off she goes im sitting there thinking what brought this about, then two people come so i do as im told, i go over to the changing rooms and see anne talking to "hubby" and pointing to changing rooms, i pass by say hallow and go on, once inside i wait near the door, anne walks, in taps me on the wrist and walks straight into an open shower cubicle, as soon as i close the door, anne grabs me an kisses me deep, i push here against the wall and turn on the shower, she hauls out my prick and says we have to be quick as he will be back with the kids, i kiss her again and slide her pants down and starts fingering anne, she squirms a bit, your prick she whispers, she turns around and i enter her from behind, she cums almost as soon as i enter her, i whisper, im going to cum,dont she says turn round, time for me, she pushes me back, turns around and crouches down and takes me in her mouth, she starts sucking very fast and hard, i cum in her mouth and she keeps on sucking its all i can do to keep quite especially when she sticks her finger up my bum thats a first! hubby is around the showers calling for anne,she finishes me and showers herself and me, you go first and ill leave in 5 minutes anne says,i dress and go to the main doors and wait for anne, anne and the kids come out so i say hello wheres "hubby", here in a few minutes anne says, that was intence i whisper, anne giggles, do you want my mob no i ask, no, i know where you are when i want you anne giggles, dont wait to long i say as i leave.