Written by Q

23 May 2017

My wife and I have been married 30 years, have kids that are grown up, and have always had a great sex life. Mary is 55 but in great shape, before we married she was pretty promiscuous and had lots of sex, but since then all we have done is fantasise and plan but never went through with anything.

Recently we were away and attending an anniversary for some friends of ours. It was a great party and we were having a great time, meeting some old friends and making new ones. At one stage I noticed Mary was laughing and joking with a couple of young guys, early twenties or so, she was really enjoying the attention. Much later in the night I was looking for Mary, she's not much of a drinker so I was a little concerned. She normally goes for a smoke and fresh air so I went out the back of the hotel. I got the shock of my life as I went to a secluded area at the back. Mary was sitting on a table with her skirt up around her waist, one of the guys was on his knees and his face buried in her cunt, eating her out. The other guy had her blouse open and was sucking on her tits, I was shocked but had a raging hard on as I watched my wife being pleasured. The guy on her tits got up on the table and shoved his cock in her mouth, she took it and very soon had it ready for action. He pulled his friend from between her legs and with his trousers around his ankles he pushed her back on the table and got between her legs. I watched as he slid his cock into her, she was moaning and this drove him on even more. His buddy was now kneeling beside her and she was sucking him off, the guy fucking her started to groan and I knew he was filling my wife's cunt with his young juice. She started to wank the guy off into her mouth but he pleaded with her " please, can I fuck you too?, I want to fuck you".. Mary didn't reply, he just got up on her and started to ride her for all he was worth before he came inside her. I went back inside and eventually they followed, Mary was very flushed looking. She approached me and asked if I'd like our fantasy to come true, saying she had someone in mind, I said of course darling. Later she returned with the first guy that fucked her and we went to our room. We repeated the trick on her, taking turns at her cunt, little did they know I knew it wasn't the first time he'd screwed her cunt, but I'm sure she'll get many more cocks from now on.