Written by excess

1 Sep 2009

There we are on-line together but over 200 miles apart only able to touch each other with the words that are appearing on the screen. You have the advantage of my camera being on, eyeing up what you know is yours. Everybody elses banter is just a blur on the screen as the only interesting text to be read is what you are replying. You know how horny I am and I sense how horny you are as for the last fortnight we have been even further away by miles then we are now, unable to feel our bodies together.

You then quip get your tight ass in the car and get here quick cant stop looking at you and wishing u were between my legs.

My reply was a question What part of me?

Your mouth, your tongue, your fingers, then your cock........... These were enough of your words.

I had disappeared offline not letting you know what i was going to do. Your thoughts were not again bloody connection failure but then after waiting the normal length of time that it would take for me to get the connection back you tried to ring my phone. But no reply, repeatedly no reply.

Hours have now passed and you have got fed up trying to re-establish contact and have turned your attention to the tasks about the house that need taking care of.

Your upstairs now after having a shower about towel yourself dry you feel a draft come rushing under the bedroom door, maybe you had just left a window open elsewhere in the house but then you hear a noise which has a startling affect and then in quick succession you hear steps being taken on the staircase and a voice, a deep voice reaching out to your ears Yes I would like to be stretching your clit by Sucking on it and pulling it out with my mouth while flicking my tongue over it, Omg your heart now pounding blood rushing through you excitement, fear, then the same voice again but in the form of a question How many fingers will I be sliding in and out of your wet pussy?

You stutter for a moment your mind clicks into gear and as you feel the tingling of your clit as it swells impatiently expectant, you reply 2 then 3 then 4.

As I enter your room I am met by the fresh smell of your smooth soft skin great to look at even better to touch. We throw our arms around each other no thought of what, how or why just the fact we can now see each other, touch each other and smell each other, filling our senses so much that we would be totally oblivious if the world around us was to erupt into a disaster that would end civilisation as we know it.

I would put them all my reply to your answer which now seems like a distant memory. You did not say anything you just put your mouth over mine and in letting your towel fall to the floor your hands started to undress me.

With my shirt off you sat on the edge of the bed removing my jeans releasing my aching throbbing cock, you slide your lips over it tasting me knowing the pleasure you give me when you do this.

I knelt down on the floor between your legs kissing you as you slowly reclined back onto the bed my head moving ever closer to your Shavenhaven, I then placed inside your wet pussy 2 fingers pulling them out only to smear your clit with your juices before sliding back into you with 3 fingers making you have a gasp for air and clinching the bed cover with one hand and the back of my head with your other your breath turns to deep long pants of pleasure, then manipulating the fourth finger inside you with the middle one arching up to put pressure on you as I slowly lick my tongue past and over your clit up and down matching the movement of my hand inside you. Turning my head side ways, away from seeing you squeeze your breasts through your hands and putting a twist on your nipple as you stretch them, my free hand holding you legs apart I now lick across your clit pushing it away then drawing it pack with my lips as you put a hand on the headboard pushing your trashing body down hard on my hand wanting more inside you thrusting your clit up into my hot mouth wanting my tongue to caress you as Im putting pressure on your clitoral lips with my teeth pulling away enough that your lips rush back to your clit with a loud moan of ecstasy you buck harder when I release your starting to fuck my hand now faster and with more push taking it all I feel your cum lubricating my fingers and hand and I keep going my fingers still applying pressure on you in you tasting your sweetness a want to devour your pussy licking and sucking harder then I have ever done before. I raise my body up along yours I kiss your mouth and slowly start to kiss your neck then your breasts and navel and resume after the brief pause to give your clit the attention it has been craving I slide out my hand from inside your dripping wet pussy only to replace it with my pulsating stiff cock not giving you a moments rest I enter into you as deep as the first stroke will allow me then each and every thrust after I get deeper into you wanting you to cum on my cock. Momentarily taking my cock out of your pussy so that you can suck me with the hot tongue and now very short, fast heavy panting trying hard to take in air, you suck fast and with great force making my cock ache to cum inside your mouth. For a while my hand reverts back to keep your pussy wet and full of life before I re-enter into your pussy with my cock hearing your exasperated voice telling me to fuck you hard. We are Fucking each other hard, the noise of our pleasures fill the house, waiting till the very last moment when you are cuming, I arch back and take the ultimate thrust and start to cum with great force inside you climaxing together we embrace our cum as one inside you.

Photocasebook 2009