7 Oct 2015

For the last few years and up till recently I have been floating through the pages of this site and met some very lovely people along the way... all thanks to a non-existing sex life with my girlfriend. I mean non-existent. Within the confines of my house I have grown jealous of priests and their sexual exploits. For example, when we have sex there is no oral or foreplay and literally kept to the missionary position. Very dull and boring.

However recently things have changed. Last week my girlfriend no longer stood as my girlfriend but became my wife. And although our sex life has yet to improve, I couldn't believe what happened yesterday.

My wife descended down the stairs in a short house coat after having a shower and left me in the sitting room, entering the kitchen to make some tea and surf through youtube. I watched as she leaned against the counter as the kettle boiled and felt like I was loosing my mind, as I searched through another site similar to this one. She had both hands placed on the counter and pivoted on one foot, showing off the curves of her amazing legs. I could feel my cock pulsing as I watched her and became mischievous. When her tea was made she sat down in a kitchen chair at the table beside the patio doors. legs folded. I just wanted to run my tongue along them so bad. I approached her chair from behind and started to tiddle her under her arms. Then her sides. She turned and although she was laughing, she slapped me away telling me to leave her alone or else. I immediately persisted with a reply 'or else what'.

With that she untied her house coat, and holding it tight threatened 'I'll show the neighbours'. This girl is obviously unaware that I am a member of two swinging sites.

Suddenly she let the house coat slip from her shoulders and fall to the base of the chair. And turning to face the door, spread her legs. 'There she said I told you'. She stared out into the darkness of the back garden as I peered up to the bedroom windows of the houses behind us.

She started to massage the curves of her breasts as her other hand floated over her soft skin down along her stomach and along her thighs.

My cock was throbbing to break free as she closed her eyes and let her hand fall against the swollen lips of her pussy. She slowly parted those lips and placed two fingers against her clit before running them down to her opening to lubricate them. Very slowly she ran between the two for a few minutes until her breathing pattern changed and deepened.

Focusing on her clit she rubbed it vigorously till she bucked and pivoted in her chair before once again running between her clit and opening at a slow pace.

Opening her eyes briefly she looked in my direction and at the bulge that had formed in my trousers. Her hand left her breast and pulled my cock free. Pulling me close she bit on my shaft a few times before kissing my tip. As she looked out the window she kissed it deeper before taking my shaft in her mouth and sucking on it for a while. As she did she once again bucked and pivoted as her fingers brought her to another orgasm.

When she had orgasmed for the fifth time she pulled my cock out of her mouth and taking her fingers away from her pussy, she sucked them clean.

Wrapping herself up in her house coat she turned to her computer again and in a stern voice said 'Told you I'd do something. Maybe next time you'll leave me alone when I ask'.

Boy is she wrong. Hopefully this is the first of many changes in our sex life.

Going to mess with her again tonight and see hat happens.