Written by needstoplease

6 Aug 2013

Last weekend I was staying over in my girlfriends parents house. As usual we watched tv, While munching on a Chinese and cracking the usual jokes. Since the last encounter my girlfriends mother and I have never really gone any further than the odd flirt and glance. The odd cheeky smile and seductive stare.

However tonight we sat on the couch. My girlfriend on one side snuggled into my shoulder, my girlfriends mother on the other side. She was nestled into the sofa, her legs curled up under her on the couch. She was wearing a long dress with a slit up the side, stockings and heels.

As the night progressed, she slid off a heel and slid her footunder the pillow I had placed on my lap. They have very large pillows I usually use as a duvet when I'm tired. Resting her foot between my legs she massaged my cock with her toes. Stroking it as we all watched tv.

My girlfriend knows about our previous encounter and seemed to get turned on by it even though she pretends to be disgusted by it. Ever since the last time she has made me call out her mothers name as we fuck.

Late that night I got up from the couch and headed to bed. Thinking of her mother I started to kiss my unconscious girlfriends neck. we were lying in the spoon position and her very sexy see through panties were too much to resist. Lightly at first I removed my boxers and sliding my cock between her legs very lightly thrust between her pussy lips. I didn't want to wake her. After a few moments she started to grind against me. She turned her head and with one hand she lowered her panties. With the other she took the tip of my penis and slid it inside her. We fucked each other slowly and sensually till I came inside her. As I pulled out she grabbed a hand and asked me to help her. Placing a hand between her pussy lips I collected every drop of cum that came out of her pussy which she licked off my fingers as she looked in my eyes. As we lay there I heard a noise downstairs. Putting on my boxers I went down to check, only to find my gf's mother in the sitting room. Lying on the couch in her dress stockings and heels with her legs spread, she moaned as she fingered her pussy. With a smile I opened the door and crawling over the arm of the couch I lowered my boxers and slid inside her. She is not as tight as my gf. Placing er legs around my neck I slid deep inside her. She moaned as she whispered in my ear. Telling me she had seen me and her daughter. I want what she had she whispered and I fucked her like an energiser bunny on speed. As I came inside her I collapsed too exhausted to move. She grabbed my hair and placed me between her legs ordering me to eat my cum from her lips. That's for fucking my daughter she said as she kissed me. Licking my cum from my lips