Written by Anonymous

21 Apr 2009

This is a long one but very true and just happened, all names are changed here

I was working in a friends office today as my internet connection is down at home ( I work most days from home) I arrived at nine and John my friend showed me to his secretary office, a very attractive 36-38 year old woman as and told Mary (named changed) that I would be using the spare desk and computer in her office for the day and anything I needed will see she that I'm sorted I quickly responded `that's a dangerous order to be given I might take advantage' and we all laughed'¦

We exchanged hello's and general chit chat and both seem to be flirting a little with each other but I wasn't sure. I found out that Mary was a single mother and had been working for John for 5 years and as it turned out we had some mutual friends'¦ About 12ish john popped his head in the door and said he was heading out to meetings and I was to behave myself'¦.. I had most of my work finished not long after and waiting for reply's to mails I had sent out I started surfing the net and checking mails etc'¦and this site been one I failed to notice Antonia get up and come around me to a filing cabinate I tried closing the screen but not in time and she spotted the web page'¦ mortified I said nothing and she said don't close it on my account and said I have seen that site but never used it, is it any good'¦. Shocked I said its not bad but depends what you want they are a lot of guys to women though and they are a lot of couples online'¦ she coolly sat down at her desk and made a phone call to a friend what sounded like organising to meet someone for lunch'¦ nothing was said for a few mins and she got up to head to lunch and asked did I want to join he rfor lunch.. immediately I said yes as long as its my treat.. the pub was only just down the road so we walked and I noticed very closely and Antonia was asking how long was I back from London and was I single and slightly bumping into me as we walked'¦ at the pub we decided to eat outside as its such a great day her friend was waiting for us another very attractive woman mid thirties and Antonia introduced her as her sister Michelle and introducted me as a friend of Johns just back from London and I was working in the office for the day'¦. Antonia sat down beside me and quickly put her hand on my leg as we ordered our food.. I became instantly hard and she noticed this and lightly rubbed the side of my leg and up to my groin very descritly as it seemed her sister did not know what was going on'¦.after lunch before we left Michelle asked did Antonia want a lift home after work and Antonia quickly said would i give her a lift as I was going her way(which I wasn't and I think Michelle knew this and smiled ) and I quickly responded that I would love to, Michelle left and said for Mary her a call later'¦'¦'¦ I knew then that something was going to happen but I did not know what to expect'¦ the walk back to the office was silent but you could feel something was building up between us'¦ we were back before everyone else after lunch and we went into Mary's office and she quickly sat down as I did the same with out warning Mary's just came straight out and said `I don't know about you but I'm seriously horny' `I have a raging hard on here' I got up out of my seat and walked the few steps to her desk and we quickly were all over each other my hand was up her shirt and I could feel she was so wet'¦. Her had went quickly down my pants and my hard dick was taken out and Antonia quickly went on her knees and took me into her mouth and started sucking like crazy I just lent back on the desk enjoying the treatment hoping I wouldn't come too quickly as I so wanted to have her over the desk'¦ suddenly we heard the others coming back from lunch Mary quickly stopped and reality set in and she tidied herself and I put my still raging hard on back into my pants just in time before Sinead the receptionist came into the office asking did we want a cup of tea'¦you could sense she suspected something lol'¦ anyway we said no thanks and Mary said back in 5mins and left, I though well that's that she is going to talk to Joanne and be mortified'¦ but a few minute later she came back into the office and said could I give her a hand moving some files in the back office and I quickly followed her'¦.. the door was quickly closed and the lights were left off we were all over each other Antonia quickly had my belt off and my pants and around my ankle wanking my cock'¦ I stopped her and led her to the chair beside the desk she sat down and I quickly went down on her running my hands up her legs and she was saying we have to be quick'¦ I responded my removing her underware and quickly started licking her clit she was so horny and wet after about 5 mins her legs squeezed around my head and shoulders and she came biting her hand so not to make a noise and continued to so for seemed an age it was so turning me on'¦.Mary just said `amazing I want you to fuck me right now ' I quickly kissed her and her hand was wanking me furiously the tension was crazy I got Mary to her feet still fully dressed except her underware lifter her skirt over her ass and bent her over the desk and I shoved my rock hard dick straight in and started pounding away like a mad man still at the same time trying to be quite so no one would hear us my balls kept slapping of her ass making a loud noise and she put her hand underneath and held them gently.. I had to slow down as I was about to cum but Mary put her had back and grabbed my ass and said'keep going I'm coming' I shot my load it was unbelievable and Mary also moaned and came for the 2nd time I pulled out and my legs were weak Mary quickly went down on her knees and sucked me off again and I was still somewhat hard thinking to myself she doesn't want more lol'¦ but she stopped and came up to kiss me `have not done it in the office in a long time and I like a man who can recover quickly' and tidied herself up but did not put her underware back'¦ their was silence for a few seconds and we both left the room as if nothing happened'¦ it was the most horniest experience I encountered in a long time'¦..

I went for a smoke (and I never smoke) and Antonia was chatting to Sinead when I came back in after a few mins they were both were smiling obviously had been talking I was so embarssed and turned on at the same time'¦..I went back into Mary's office and continued with my work (or pretended to) Mary came in a while later as if nothing happened but has just asked if I had anything planned this evening as it might be a long lift home'¦.. I just about to cancel the game of golf I had planned'¦ will let you know what happens tomorrow'¦'¦'¦