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27 Sep 2008

Sunday perfect Sunday


3 minute read

"up on my knees what???? " she looked him straight in the eyes, and purrred 'Is that the way boys speak to their teacher these days" oh my god his reaction was a pure pleasure to behold, "okay Miss tell me what to do".. 'Go down to the bar and get us both a drink, make mine a creme de menthe, and please make sure the ice is crushed or else!!!!".. He redressed and left the room, she lay back on the bed, she thought she heard whispering outside the window, earlier they had heard what appeared to be trolleys being wheeled down a ramp, oh well she thought maybe I am imagining that.. He came into the room, she was she still was fully dressed, he laughed and said "hey miss can I take your clothes off now"?... "Get yours off now and lie on the bed, Miss is going to teach you manners "... He lay down, she straddled his legs, he watched as she ran her hands up his inner thighs and what the fuck was she doing with her tounge?? it was flicking along his balls,then slowly up his rigid cock, "take it in your mouth miss " he begged.. she reached over and took a mouthful of her drink, pushed his chest back onto the bed, and slipped her mouth onto his throbbing penis, up and down slowly at first, she was fondling his balls,he could feel her nails grazing his crack, then he gasped as she took him full into her throat, he felt like his cock was on fire, his balls were bursting, the ice was taking effect....he could feel her hair caressing his stomach, he felt a bolt shoot through his entire body, and his legs began shaking uncontroably, oh fuck her teeth were clamped on his shaft, and her throat was tightening as she began to swallow.. her hand was gripped tightly around then base of his cock, she slid a finger inside his anus.... He jerked, the pressure in his balls began to become nearly unbearable, precum ooozed into her mouth, she brought her mouth up to the top of his penis , then plunged it back down to the back of her throat, he roared like an animal and shot, hot streams of cum into the back of her mouth... she watched as he lost control, she swallowed the mixture whole, started to lick his cock dry, he was shaking so hard she had to hold his legs, she adored watching men cum, but this was unreal.... he was shouting her name repeatedly, he lay back , the heat in the room was unbearable..... She got up walked to the window, reached up to release the catch, holy shit, standing outside the window were three guys in boiler suits, they were literaly standing with their mouths hanging open, so she winked , flicked her ass at them, then fell back on top of him , and roared laughing, "hope the feckers came with me hun" he bellowed in his sweet Galway accent...

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