Written by admin

27 Sep 2008

Sunday morning 9 am , text came through..."I am going to fuck your brains out"!

She was just out of the shower, her mind went into overdrive, she text ed back simply "I know, see you soon"...

They had met through mutual friends, at a party, he was a huge guy with a smile that betrayed his wicked mind, first she had noticed was his eyes, deep brown pools, that seemed to suck her in..

She named him that night The Galway love machine,and was determined to have a replay, on and off texts, mails , calls when they could talk, the tension had been building for weeks..

He had suggested a meet in a town they both knew well, she didn't need to asked a second time, and finally the day had dawned..

Dressing in a simple white shirt, silk skirt, brown and pink Basque, light stockings, she decided no knickers, he had pinched a pair before, damn expensive they were too, she wasn't taking any chances this time!

Small lick of red lippy and wink in the mirror and she was off, she boarded the coach, behind a group of elderly women off on a Sunday outing, the Coach driver ,winked and said "Hey , you must be the ladies escort", she handed him the fare, winked back and said " Do I look like someone going for tea and snacks "? he grinned looked her from head to toe and replied" I don't know exactly where you are off to, but I wish I was going"!

On the coach the texts were coming thick and fast, "where are you now" ?

" My cock is throbbing" she remembered that sight well, could hardly forget ............... could she?

As the coach pulled into the station, the knot in her stomach tightened, she made her way to the exit, as she was stepping down, the driver called her back" Hey hun, you are so not going for tea and snacks, have a ball"!..she winked and replied "I so am going to"!

He was sitting in the car-park, realising He had not saw her approaching, she came around the back of the car, pulled open the door, got in , leaned over , kissed him slowly and whispered" Slide your hand up my legs, I have a surprise for you"..

She was groaning as she felt his fingers inch slowly up towards her pussy, and when he realised she had no knickers on, he gasped and said "lets go for fuck sake"..she looked sideways, and was surprised to see a couple sitting grinning at them oooooooooooooooops!

Walking into the Hotel, up to the desk, she asked for the key, it was duly handed over, she turned around and saw that his cock was bulging , how the hell were they going to make it to the room?

As they climbed the stairs, he took her arm, and huskily whispered,"I am so going to fuck your brains out"!

The room was very warm, she walked over and opened the windows, turning around as she felt him approach, she removed her jacket...

He kissed her long and hard, her clit was starting to throb, sensing this, he pushed her down on the bed, god! she felt his tongue creep up towards her clit, she could hardly breathe with desire, he was teasing her clit with his tongue,little circles , slow , then hard....

she arched her back, she could feel her stomach tighten, he pushed her skirt around her waist, looked her in the eye, and grinned, then his head was between her legs again, sucking and licking Her clit,he was groaning , she could feel his cock throb against her inner thigh, she knew not to speak, did not need to with him, he knew exactly what to do, his tongue slid inside her pussy, and the heat took over, she could almost taste it, she was putty in his hands, and as she felt a finger slide into her anus, she felt her legs begin to shake..

His tongue was inside , he could feel her begin to contract, and knew she was beginning to cum, he couldn't wait to feel her hot, sticky juice in his mouth, and sure enough, he felt her jerk, twist, her hands dug into his air and as he twisted his finger inside her ass, she threw her Head back in Ecstasy and filled his mouth with her juices.......

Oh fuck her body was out of control, he kneeled on her legs, and as she came into his mouth he roared "up on your knees..now......................."