Written by hotdubguy69

5 Jul 2012

Now that were in the middle of summer or so the calender says we are it got me thinking back to a couple of summers ago and a holiday a i had with an old gf in spain. we got a cheap week away and decided to go for it and make it one to remember as we were on our own and nobody knew us. she was as dirty and as kinky as me and we both liked to play and tease and see who would give in first or who could be the most daring. so on the second day there, we were lyin by the pool planning our first reel night out and talking about all the naughtyness that could be had. we decided to play the teaseing game and see who would give in first and how long we could make the game go on , usually a couple of hours at home but this was different, we were away and it was no holds barred. it was geting near time to go out and get ready so she said she was going in to start gettin ready and would be a while so i said id follow her in a while, having a slight idea what might happen as we were staying on the ground floor and the apartment was looking straight out onto the pool and bar area and it had gotten quiet apart from a few olders guys sitting at the bar and hanging around waiting for there wifes to get ready.

sure enough about 15 mins later i looked up from my paper to see our apartment curtains pulled all the way back the bathroom door wide open with the light on and i could see the silloette of my gf in the shower. at first i thought she was playing with herself but then i realised she was busy shaving down below. at little smile appeared on face as i started to think about the dirty night ahead and all the dirty fantasys we had discussed in the build up to this holiday and how many we could fulfill tonite. she was talken a long time in the shower and then i realised she had started to play with herself the dirty bitch was obvisouly thinking the same as me. just then i heard a lot of spanish talk and laughing and i noticed the bar that usually had one bar man had about 6 cleaning the bar and all of them staring at the same thing i was, the naked silloette of my gf in the shower. she then came out of the shower and contunied to get ready, doing her hair etc she had the odd glance over to were i was to she if i was still there i dont think she realized she had an audience as they were at an angle, or maybe she did and loved it. any way i lay there for what seemed like ages watching her try on different dresses and under wear sets and walking back in forward of the window, bending over all the time. i was getting such a kick out of her teaseing me but also watching the other guys standing there with there mouths wide open and trying to look like they werent perving at her sexy body and sexy dd tits.

eventually she settled on a tiny short black skirt that hugged her tight little ass and this loose white top that was almost see through with big holes around the arms, and not a trace of underwear to be seen and black knee high boots, super slut stuff and with her long blonde hair hanging down she was a walking viagra pill. then the lights go out and in a few minutes i see her walking over to me and each fella she passes gets whiplash tryin to get a good perv or a look at her tits bouncen around through the big holes in the arms of her top. she comes over to me bends down and gives me the sexyest kiss and says were are u bringing me. i know were i want too bring her, straight back into the room, staring down her top she my aswell not have bothered wearing one, as her big sexy tits are on full view but i try to play it cool and tell her i have to get ready, and suggests she waits at the bar while i go off to get ready.

the bar men s face have turned bright red at this stage now realizing they been perving at my gf while i was only a few feet away. i rush into the room get showered and ready in about 5 mins and when i get back to the bar it is now fairly full with loads of single guys all pretending to be hanging round, playing pool etc and when i get near my gf i can see why, the way she is sitting her skirt rides up so high i can see she hadnt gone comando compleatly but had the sexyest piece of black dental floss thong on and it was on full view. mmmm i thought il be cleaning me teeth with that later.

so it was out side and straight into a taxi headin for the main strip. she started to whisper into my ear did you like the little show i put on for you in the apartment, i couldnt decide what to wear so id thought id show u what i have planned for the week. i said i enjoyed it a lot babe but i think the bar men u were talking to enjoyed it a hell of a lot more . at first she thought i was joking then i seen a cheeky little smile appear on her face and she said mmm thats what all the free shots were for and whispered into my ear im after getting super wet thinking of them all looking at me, as she opened her legs in full view of the taxi man mirror at which point the car seemed to slow down. i naturally had to investigate if this was true and slid my hands between her legs rubbing them up and down teasing her by not letting them reach her pussy at which point she grabed my hand pushed it deep against her pussy as she stared kissing me and fucking my mouth with her tongue and moaning into my mouth as i started to flick her bean through her soaking wet thong. then the taxi stoped and we were at the main strip so as i paid the man and she slowly got out of the taxi making sure she could flash as many people as possible not caring i had just pulled her thong to the side as i was about to finger fuck her hard.

as we walked along she was groping my extra hard cock telling me she was going to win the teasing game, and she would have me begging to fuck her and only when she decided could i bury my cock deep inside her, and not before i had begged her enough could i unload my cock inside her freshly shaven pussy. all this talk had me super horny but i was determined to get the better of her this time and show her whos boss.

so the nite rolled on as we went from bar to bar she would flash me every chance she got either by bending down and showing off her sexy big round tits wit super hard nipples or sitting on high stool and letting her skirt ride up around her waist , and i wasnt just me she was trying to tease as it was about 3 in the morning and we were hammered and we hadnt put our hand in our pocket once. she was getting drink handed to her every were she went, i suppose the sexy dancing she was doing in each bar we visited might be another reason. the drunker she got the more adventurous she got on the dance floor and then she would walk over to me and say are u ready to beg for my pussy. i think my cock was trying to learn to speak at this stage, but i kept fighting her saying are u ready to beg to swallow my cock. i was nearly cumin in my pants with some of the stuff she was saying in my ear . i think she got a bit annoyed that i wasnt given in and at one point drunkenly stormed off to the bathroom and when i couldnt see her after a while i went on the dance floor looking for only to find her grinding up and down with this big black guy, skirt right around her waist and all his mates cheering him on. when she seen me she just smiled and contunied teasing me by bouncing up and down against his cock as he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his, she was getting very carried away dry humping the cock off him , he thought he was well in there and she was gettin well to drunk so i pulled her out side and said lets get u home and il give you what u need u fuckin little slut which made her face light up as i slaped her ass maybe a bit to hard judgeing by the scream she let out but she seemed to like it.

but as we were walkin home we got dragged into another nite club that was having a foam party, the guy talked her in saying they needed more hot women and we could have free drink all nite. so next thing i know we on the dance floor together all over each other, our little fight forgotten about and the foam starts to come falling down all over the dance floor , were slidin up and down against each other gettin a bit carried away ,then i take a proper look at her and realize her white top has know become pure see through wit all the foam and her tits are on show for the world to see along with her super hard nipples. she doesnt notice and the foam is up around our waist at this stage. my cock is like a volcano looking at her dancen up and down grinden against me to the music so i slip the hand on the dance floor to feel a soakin wet pussy and this really sets me off and i start pulling the pussy off her while my tongue explores her mouth. then it dawns on me where has her thong gone i last seen it on her before she was dancin with that guy, she was missing for long enough for some thing to happen but before i can think any more my cock is set loose and is violently pulled off me , my mind is racing like never before, then she pulls away from kissing me winks and disappears beneeth the foam. i feel her tongue flickin the tip of my shaft teasing me so bad my hole body shivers as i fight back the urgue to explode. she can feel this too and with out warning swallows my hole shaft down the back of her throat in one go, which cause me to explode as ive been holding back for about 8 hours and cant take any more .

i dont care im in the middle of a dance floor surround by hundreds of half naked people dancing up against us. i look down and dig through the foam a bit to find her going to town on my cock sucking every last drop out of my cock and then she stares up at me opens her mouth which i see is full of my cum dripping off her lips and down her chin onto her tits. my cock is still raging hard as she stands back up turns her with her back to mine and leans into it. she is so wet and im so hard my cock slides straight into her super tight pussy . shes jumpin up and down to the music and im pounding away tryin to look like im dancen but really all i care about is gettin balls deep into her tight pussy while i lean around to flick her bean with one hand and pull her tight into me by grabing her by the tits. the foam starts to die down a bit and a few people near us noticed what we were up to and start to cheers us on , at this stage we dont care were we are , she is screaming as loud as she can into my ear over the music to fuck her harder, pound her little pussy , teach her a lesson for been a little slut all nite.

she then spins round, jumps up on my waist wraps her legs around me digs her heels into my back and screams at me please fuck my pussy till i cum on your shaft babe , she hasnt even finshed the sentence and im swinging my cock into her like never before, my hands grab her ass to help make sure it bangs into me as hard as possible as she rides my like a bull, digging her nails into my back i can feel her pussy squeese tight and her body starts to shake as she starts screaming like i never heard before ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk im cummmmmmmmmmin u dirty fucker with that i use one hand to rip her soaked see through white top clean down the middle and bury my face between her big juicy tits, while sucking and biting at her nipples and trying to fit her juicy tit in my mouth as i suck on nipple. while the other hand is pressing and flicking her bean as hard as i can , all this seems to drive her over the edge as she claws my back and neck and bursts my ear drums with the screams she lets out. seen her like this and with her pussy clamped around my cock so tight i explode so hard and violently she continues to orgasm one after another as i keep swinging into her like a wrecking ball even as im cummin. neither of us have even cum this hard before.

eventually the real world starts to reappear and we realize the crowd have formed a circle around us and are chearing und screaming things at us. maybe they think this is part of the show. i spot a few bouncers in the distance heading out way so i tell her i thing its time we move on. she trys to hold what left of her top as we make for the exit thinking we got away with it. as we leave the the club the guy at the front door that dragged us in say i thought you were a lucky bastard when i seen you with her i just didnt realize how lucky you really were and said hope to see you again tomorrow luv. how did he know ? . we just ran out laughing and giggling like teenagers. i suggested we walk back home along the beach given the fact there was very little left of her top.....

maybe next time i will let you know how the rest of the holiday went.come to think of it i never did find out what happened to her thong that nite. anyway shes married now but doesnt stop her calling me every now and then to meet up and take care of her how she really likes to be taken care of wink wink. feel free to leave a comment or pm me and maybe i might post some more of our adventures but there was an awful lot. sorry about the spelling and length but the memorys just came flooding back ...