Written by Henry

7 Sep 2016

Sue had another Bull, Tony. He had been doing her for months and then was taken in to hospital in with a broken ankle He was only being kept overnight but texted her and of course I had to drive her up to see him.

His rugby club had paid for a private room for him and when we arrived he was slightly fuzzy on painkillers. I was ordered to watch the door while Sue smothered him in kisses and then slipped her hand under his sheets. I could see she was wanking him off and I slipped a hand down my trousers to play with myself. Tony threw back the sheets, showing his throbbing cock and with a moan, Sue started to suck it. His pain forgotten he reached behind her, pulled her short skirt up and her panties down, while he fingered her dripping pussy.

I was just about to cum when the door, which I was supposed to watch, flew open and in came a young man with a box of chocolates and a very surprised look on his face.

Sue glanced at him and kept on licking Tony's cock.

"This is the slut I was telling you about Frank," said Tony smiling."She needs a good fucking now and my ankle won't let me, you do her from behind when she's sucking me."

Frank threw the chocs at me."Hold these while I do your wife and for God's sake, watch the door.

Two minutes later Frank was behind her, screwing her pussy and then ass while she sucked Tony's cock off. When we left an hour later all her holes had had a load of cum in them, her skirt was half way up her ass, her panties and bra were in her handbag and she was holding hands with Frank as she got into his car to drive home