Written by Click24

20 Apr 2014

This is a 100% true story about a 5 month relationship I had a few years back. There are so many sexy stories about her and our escapades together that I could write for week but I'll try to jot out some of the more memorable situations. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Many years ago in my early 20s I spent alot of time volunteering in various community groups as a leader and trainer. At one point for a period of about six months we were low on volunteers so a member of a sister group on the north side of the city offered her services as she worked close to us and had family here so it suited her and having mostly guy volunteers in our group a female was very welcome.

I had been away and it was a few weeks after she had started that I was introduced to K. She was already well established with the gang and getting to be well liked. She was curvy with blue eyes that were full of fun with a wacky personality that made her seen ditsy and she was well able to keep up with the wild social life that accompanied our program.

Two of the other guys had shown a real interest in K but their advances were rebuffed in quick succession and although attractive I never made an effort to 'try it on' with her. We got on very well and I was happy with that but one afternoon I got the inkling that she may be interested in more.

We were at an outdoor adventure centre in Wicklow and the adults were all rooming in a mixed dorm. I was alone in the dorm and packing to leave when K walked in to do the same. She had to go somewhere afterwards so needed to change into something more respectable. Her bed was beside mine and she walked to it and proceeded to strip down to her underwear in front of me taking her time as she did so and talking to me all the while as if nothing were happening making sure i had her full attention. I was shocked and excited at the same time and I'm sure she sensed that from me. I think my eyes over her semi naked body increased her confidence. She made no effort to get dressed and instead continued to chit chat while I ogled her seeming to ignore my obvious but not unwanted discomfort. Then she proceeded to sit down on her bed her face opposite my very obviously growing bulge and as she settled the laces on her boot she slowly spread her legs wider and wider. My eyes were glued to that one inch of cloth between her legs which left very little to the imagination. I was then I realized that what she was doing was very intentional. Just as soon as it arrived the moment was gone and she began to dress (but it wouldn't be too long again until I saw that curvaceous busty body). As she left she gave me her number saying she needed to contact me regarding a meeting we were having later in the week. I was baffled shocked and very turned on...