Written by Magluer

13 Jun 2017

It was all hours now and we all fell asleep exhausted and satisfied .I had to head for work early and got up early morning, Margaret joined me in the kitchen while James was passed out in bed. She was still wearing the skimpy lingerie and smelling strongly of sex. I started to get a little horny looking at her and remembering her getting spunk on her face, she too was buzzing with the nights action and started rubbing my cock through my trousers and telling me she wanted more cock, I stopped her because I had to leave, James was not working until afternoon and I just knew that she was so horny that she might fuck him when I left. This filled me with doubt and jealousy and a strange sense of excitement too. I told her I would prefer if she didn't fuck him when I wasn't present, she said she wouldn't but wanted a lot more of his cock, we agree to have more soon and I left for work.

That evening everything had returned to normal life, work etc. Three nights later in bed we started to fuck and talk about the threesome, it got us both very aroused and I took a shot in the dark and told her I knew she fucked James when I left, (I didn't) she apologised and said she couldn't help herself and had to have him. I was hurt and angry but soon I wanted to know the details.

She said she was playing with her pussy in the kitchen and dreaming about how good his cock felt, eventually she decided to lay in bed beside him sleeping and look at his cock but soon she was stroking his balls and jerking him off, she said his cock got even bigger than the night before and thinking him asleep was fingering her pussy at the same time, she was surprised when he suddenly rolled over on top of her and thrust his huge cock into her wet pussy all the way to his balls. She said it hurt quite a bit even though she was wet and ready but James was now aggressively riding her pussy and soon she felt an orgasm followed by two more which took her by surprise, she felt him tense and his cock began to spasm as he filled her. She said not a word was spoken and this made it more exciting as it was almost as if they didn't know each other and was just a great fuck that didn't cause guilt or offence to anybody . I was so turned on by this that I was no longer angry and we had great sex and she had multiple orgasms for the first time with me . We were looking forward to some more sharing in the future.