Written by Magluer

12 Jun 2017

We were all sitting g on the bed smoking and chatting about how erotic it all was, Margaret had put on some naughty lingerie when James told us he often wanked thinking about her in sexy gear. Margaret was fascinated by his big cock and started to play with both our limp cocks with her feet, gently kneading with sole and toes, we both started to get hard and the reaction from us was causing her to breathe faster, I asked her was she turned on and she gasped that yes the sight of two cocks getting hard for her was driving her wild ,I touched her pussy under her tiny outfit and realised she was dripping with fresh excitement, James went straight down on her and started to lick and suck her swollen clit, it didn't take long for her to cum loudly, I couldn't believe how big she orgasmed. It was my turn to eat her and James asked her to suck his cock, she has a small mouth and told him he was far too big, James explained that because he was cut she only needed to play with his big head and a little of his shaft for him to be pleasured. She then did what he asked and licked and sucked his head, which grew even bigger. Margaret got on all fours in front of James as she stroked his cock and sucked the enormous head, put your cock in my Puss she told me. I got behind her and began to rub her clitoris with my cock, I could see her sucking and this was making me a little jealous because I knew his size was really getting her off but that fact was actually also making me harder as I thrust my entire cock into her wet sticky pussy. I knew I needed to pace myself along with her blowing and had to fuck her with the rhythm she was setting, not long before I could see James Balls start to tighten and he gasped he was about to cum,she sucked harder and his first spurt made her gag, the next spurts hit her in the face and I drove my cock deep and started to spasm, as she felt me cum she started to shake with a huge orgasm which I could feel around my cock, it was the best I ever felt up to that point, and both the others were now giggling uncontrollably it was so good for them too. To make it better there was more to come.